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 When it comes to designing home, Home Design Makeover is an app that gives us the idea of designing old homes to a luxurious transformation. If you don't have a talent for interior and exterior designing, Home Design Makeover is perfect for you to hint the colors of the embellishments and designs of the furniture and appliances.

Home Design Makeover's Exciting Features

The choice is still yours whether you like to live in a farmhouse. If there are no fitting colors on the selection provided, use your common sense to choose the next style and color that appear.


Image © Home Design Makeover website screenshot by @Jackwilliams. 

Home Design Makeover does not provide a finished product selection. You need to sharpen your imagination to achieve a nature style makeover. If the modern house is your love, choose the accurate colors. It doesn't matter if the color is not your like as long as it's a perfect combination for the furniture, curtains, wall, ceiling, and the floor.

The app is easy to use. You can make a chic concept and friendly. You can renovate the rustic kitchen into a modernized pantry. The untidy and old lavatories can be transformed into a classy spa-like bathroom.

Even if you don't have a WIFI, you can still succeed to do the blueprint. Home Design Makeover is a perfect way to amuse oneself.

About the Home Design Makeover

From its seller Storm8 Studios LLC, the app is perfect for iOS 8.0 version or soon. It can be installed on Apple brand gadgets and android. Every user above 4 years old is allowed to enjoy the Home Design Makeover. This 4.0 rater app has 306.8 MB size

The Starting Process


Image © Home Design Makeover website screenshot by @Jackwilliams.

Home Design Makeover is not an app with a single concept of designing. You need to play the puzzle before allowed to design the houses. The given 3 puzzles in the same color should be matched vertically and horizontally to explode. You can also form the 4 puzzles into a square one. I am sure you'll be addicted to this game.

 How to Play?

At the home page of the app, tap blue notebook at the upper part on the left side. You will be given the available rooms for the makeover.

Tap *enter. As you can see, the room is a minimalist. To continue, tap the *green circle below right side. There is a number provided that shows the level you reached. Tap *play. Match the same color of the three puzzles that are isolated by exchanging them and form into a horizontal line and vertical. The puzzle play is limited that depends on your life in the game. If it's over, wait for another hour to fill in your life again.

Since that your life of the game is over, take a break from playing the puzzle to set up the blueprint. The dollar sign at the top is your money earned from the puzzle to buy the materials to design a room or an area. If your coins are not enough, earn more by playing the puzzle again. Refill your life through buying the gems to restore your moves.

  • Gem costs
  • 100 gems-.90$
    550 gems - 4.78$
    1,100 gems- 9.57$
    2,400 gems-19.16$
    6,000 gems-47.76$
    12,500 gems - 95.72$

Refill your life or moves by paying 90 pieces of gems if you lose your moves. However, you can also buy powers to explode the puzzles abruptly than extending your life. Below are the costs.

Rainbow slot


Image © Home Design Makeover website screenshot by @Jackwilliams.

This power comes out like a firecracker that blasts the puzzles in the same color. It can be paid by 250 gems. If not paying the slot, it comes out depending on your strategy to solve the puzzle lengthy (more than three puzzles straight of the same color).

Two Cross Blasters


Image © Home Design Makeover website screenshot by @Jackwilliams.

This power comes out with a cross blaster slot. Not just the puzzles of the same color, it explodes the other colors of the puzzles.

Double-Shot Rockets


Image © Home Design Makeover website screenshot by @Jackwilliams.

It destroys the two puzzles and the other targets by puzzling the matching colors. It costs 250 gems.

Two Jumbo Pieces


Image © Home Design Makeover website screenshot by @Jackwilliams.

It comes out from the beginning, middle, and in the latter game for 250 gems.

The Tips to play the Game 

Arrange the two puzzles in a square through 4 the same colors on both sides to have the cross blasters power without paying a gem.

If not matching the colors into a square form, match the same color straightly and lengthy that is more than 4 puzzles to get the rainbow slot power.

Match the puzzles nearby the given powers to blast the target immediately without wasting the counted limit to play. The life to play is not based on a timer, but on the numbers of moves. You should be wise to think twice to move your puzzle before you lose your moves.

Before and after you play, see the option to watch the ads in just a few seconds. Tap the video to add your *moves and take the chance. If you lose, learn a lesson to focus, strategize, and think twice. If you lose the game over and over, it will take time for you to finish the blueprint because you can't buy the expensive requirements for your dream home design.

My Designs

To give the idea, the blueprint is just at the lower part of the home page at the left side. We will know the looks according to our imaginations, but we can change the blueprint by styling of our own. The living room before had installed the plum colored European Damascus wallpaper.


Image © Home Design Makeover website screenshot by @Jackwilliams.

The floral old sofa in front needs to be reupholstered for 520$. Tap the *scissor emoticon inside the transparent circle and follow the instruction of the arrow by dragging the above *scissor to the below transparent circle. Look at the hand below and follow. As long as you won the puzzle, you can buy the sofa.

Pick the color and design of the sofa's new cover by *tapping the displayed pictures. To continue designing, lookup on your money and play the puzzle if you are out of the budget.


Image © Home Design Makeover website screenshot by @Jackwilliams.

The picture above is my makeover of the wall from the European Damascus style into a zigzag wall that looks modern and brighter, inspired by Missoni Home of Brian Yates. But, I changed my mind into a little bright color that looks simple, clean, and elegant. The sofa is striking against the flare of the window and the bright color of the floor and wall. The heritage windows are beside the sofa so that the resident can view the lawn while relaxing at the tub.

About the flooring, I chose the wooden floor tiles because this is comfy even we lay on the floor. It always looks clean. The wall arts colors have matched the color of the couches, ottomans, cabinets, sofa pillows, ceiling, and windows to give a connection of the concept. Plants on the table and ceramics add the elegance of the design.


Image © Home Design Makeover website screenshot by @Jackwilliams.

This modern kind of kitchen with an island is my big dream. Just like my design on the living room, the tile I opted on the floor is the dark version of the wooden tiles. The gray cabinets at the top look cold. To add a lighter portion, the light brown cement body tile is the best combination of the white casement transom window. The appliances are mixed with a black, gray and white color that also connects to the white counter stools that faces the dark brown island. While eating, drinking, and cooking foods, the cute three lanterns hang at the top. This is a traditional but modernized European style.


Image © Home Design Makeover website screenshot by @Jackwilliams.

This bench style bathroom uses the dropped white ceiling to resemble the white limestone flooring and the plain white wall. The buth tub in the black case has faced the awning window to see the views outside while relaxing. The green rugs connected to the flower embellishments provide the fresh air inside. The experience inside is like relaxing in the garden. The bathtub is placed at the wooden tiles connecting to the shower to assume a warm climate when bathing and showering. The three gray lanterns built every side of the double-hung windows are elegant to look at along the view of the gray-brown wall art. This minimal spa bathroom looks comfy, warm, clean, vibrant, extensive, classy, and elegant.

After the *master bathroom, there will be more areas I will certainly enjoy to transform such as the *pool at the backyard, the *Parisian bedroom, farmhouse kitchen, dining room from a new client, cabin, Lakeview bathroom, modern kitchen, and more.

My App Review

Honestly, I was disappointed with the Home Design Makeover app before when I thought that we only focus to design a home. But when I started to play the puzzle, I began to love challenges as a brain exercise. This app can sharpen our minds. If you look for an online game like a candy crush with a reward to design houses, this one is fitting for you. Plus, the reason why I love the app because of our limit to play the puzzles that allows me to take a break from concentrating on gadget overtime. Overall, the puzzles are very challenging day by day and the plans for renovation are always exciting. My rate for Home Design Makeover is 4/5.


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