Home remedies of acidity

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Maximum people suffer from acidity problem and that is a very common factor for every individual ,here people used to take antacids but if we can be little aware of this we can get home remedies for such acidity problems and those are as follows - 

1.In empty stomach daily consuming 2-3 glass of pure drinking water can elevate the acidity problem as that can regulate the stomach pH .

2.Aloe vera juice is a very good remedy for acidity ,daily if we can take half cup of aloe vera juice that can be very much beneficial for the acidity .

3.Baking soda is a very good thing used to treat acidity as that is alkaline in nature and for that when its used with water can be taken ,it can reduce the stomach pH .

4.Cinnamon can be used as a home remedy ,just take 2-3 sticks of cinnamon and boil in water ,take that when cooled .

5.Ginger water is also a great source of acidity elevator ,just we have to boil and then cool the solution .


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