Home sweet home (home in hereafter)

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  It’s a natural weakness of every woman (eastern woman) that she wants her own house. She does not care for her rest, time even for her health, when she is involved in the decoration and embellishment of house. She always remains worried about it and tries for making her home beautiful, luxurious and peaceful and it may feel that it is just like a heaven when someone enters in it. She should take care of the decoration and embellishment of her house and it is quite natural.

      But have ever we thought that we would not live in this house forever but have to go by leaving this house without being informed about it. We will have to be pushed to such house about which we never thought and we don’t have any leisure time to think about it. We don’t feel any need to remember it. If someone tried to memorize us then we always have excuses that it is along age or time left to think about it and we say it is life of very short period of time so let’s enjoy it.

      Dear friends! Have you ever thought that after death, we would need a home too where we will live? And where would we build that home? How would be that? How would we decorate and embellish it? All these questions are very important and it’s a great need to think about it, as we have not much time. We don’t know, when will the angel of death come and will take us with him and will transfer us to ours everlasting home, where each thing will be in our possession and where we will lead our lives according to our will.


     But this all will not be happened automatically and for it we need to have been prepared and struggled very much. Then that “home sweet home” will be in our approach. First of all we should have give attention to our prayers. We should say our prayers five times a day, wholeheartedly. Then we should make our strong relationship with the holy book “Quran”. We should recite holy Quran daily and also should understand by reading its translation. Or this purpose we should join any “Qurani” class, if it’s not possible then there are translation version of “holy book” available in market, from which we can take help. We should also study the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S A W)” because his life provides us a complete code of lie. And it is also a way of getting rid of any distressful situation in this life and in the life hereafter.


     Please keep it remember, luxurious are not so much important. If you get money in an honest way, but it’s too less to get all the luxurious of life, don’t feel sad but be content of whatever you have. As it came in Hadith, “anyone who have engulfed only one dollop of ill gotten, then there is hell prepared for him.

    So, please push back your wishes, that can’t be fulfilled. As in paradise, it is promised to fulfill each and every wish and desire of man. Be at equilibrium in spending money. Don’t be spendthrift as who spendthrifts money in excess, is called to be the brother of devil. By decreasing, your expenses, also give charity to poor and deserved people so that God will bless you and will award you everlasting home in the life hereafter.

     I pray that may God help us to lead our lives according to the Islamic principles and be included in the favorite personalities of God, so that not only in this world, but in that world we can deserve “home sweet home”.


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My name is zain ul abidin. I am a player of gymnastic and karate. i joined bitlanders at 11th jan 2014.

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