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There is always something new going on in medicine. Recently there has been more pressure to look for alternative treatments to prescription drugs. Homeopathy has been developed in Germany and has become relatively popular over the last 200 years.

While it still may be controversial in some areas of the world, it provides an alternative for those looking for one. Homeopathic remedies operate on the idea that “like cures like.” What does this mean exactly? It is believed that an illness can be treated with something that can give you the same symptoms.

Where do the substances come from? Well the remedies consist of substances that can be found in plants, minerals and even animals. These remedies often come in convenient dissolvable pellet that are sublingual. You may also find gels, creams tablets. A popular homeopathic medicine tends to be Arnica. Arnica is often recommended for those that are about to undergo a surgery that may leave them a noticeable bruise or swelling. When taken before, it can potentially decrease the swelling and bruising significantly.

Another factor to homeopathic remedies, is each individual receives their own remedy. Each person is given their own remedy despite having the same condition as another person. Why is this a good thing? Think about it. Each person reacts differently to the same medication, therefore if there is a possibility to completely personalize a treatment to obtain the best results why not? It makes it possible to refine a treatment to fit each person’s individual needs, which in a sense provides the ideal service.

While there is still controversy over this alternative method, it has gained awareness and popularity. In fact,  in 2007 it was reported that close to $3 billion was spent on homeopathic medicine (not including visits from homeopathic practitioners.)

So, homeopathy provides an alternative for those looking for more a more personalized treatment involving more natural substances.

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