HON WO TABERU (BOOK EATER), New animation short film in pre-production

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Well, June starts and I have a little delay with the start of my new stop motion animation movie HON WO TABERU (Book Eater). I´m finishing some external works and slowly working on the pre-production of this short film.

This work is going to be just make it with my WebTV revenues on Filmannex. One month ago I buy my new wacom, yasterday I buy the cardboard and this week I want to buy a new lense for my 60D Canon camera.

This short film is about a really simple story:

"A HON WO TABERU eats and eats books, literally. Every text that appears in front of him is devoured all the time and he starts a journey looking for more and more books in a dark and gloomy abandoned places. Until one day he arrives to a cheerful place where a ball rolls to his feet, there he waits a little, and suddenly and he kicks the ball."

That´s the basic story, from this I´m going to begin the storyboard, in this occasion I´m not going to work with a final script and it´s going to be a free work advancing in a surreal way of feelings and imagination.

I want a look like this for the movie:

Soon I will tell you more about how I´m making the storyboard and also the first drafts of the main character "Hon wo taberu".

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