Honest Movie Reviews: BABY DRIVER.

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Ansel Elgort, I must say; you went from a dying kid where you used cigarettes but didn't smoke it as a metaphor to a kid who loves music and is a bad ass skilled driver paying his debt by driving robbers to a safe get away. Baby (Ansel Elgort)) is a kid whose parents died years ago in a car accident and he uses music saved in his i-Pods to get through his day and dance to the moves to get through all the shady parts of his life. He lives with his foster parent Joseph who he in his wheel chair and can't talk.


Not going to lie, I felt pretty bad that his mom died but kids! Take notes!
Kids going to be fathers or mothers or just regular mature parents. Don’t drive and fight. You all need to put all the hatred aside and concentrate on the damn road lovelies because sooner or later, some big truck going to pop up from nowhere and I hate to admit this but someone or the other is going to get hurt. 

Deborah/ Debby (Lily James|)- dear lord, you beauty and the way you call him baby; man, I loved it. Your pretty face made the movie cute and gave baby a chance to take control of all the nuisance going around him and a chance to get away from his old life to lead a new one.

The only person who has all my sympathy is dear old Joseph, Baby’s foster parent. A man who can’t speak yet loves baby for his good heart and loves his sandwich to have, uh! What was it? Peanut Butter (if I am not wrong) spread till the edges of his toast.

Now, enough elaborating about my most favorite characters, can we talk about the drift skills of baby in the movie, like goddam son! That was sexy. No wonder imbued rating is 8.2 and rotten tomatoes gave it over 9.2%.

My most favorite scene was where Baby is sick of taking orders from the robbers and when he was asked to move the car to get away from the cops, he crashes into a loaded truck and ends up killing the one who was screaming on baby which shows that he had enough of it already and won't take orders from here onwards. I can not seem to attach a movie clip from my laptop sadly but eventually I hope I can show you all the clips as well but let's not spoil it for the ones who haven't watched the movie yet and I do not want to be that one annoying person on snapchat that goes in a movie theatre just to snap movies into 10 seconds clips on his story and spoils the fun with the annoying captions and would take away the joy of wstching the movie for the person viewing the others snapchat.

I am going as raw as I can and writing my mind out so please comment down below andyonw who read sit that if you want me to continue being this raw and myself or just want the reviews to be short and only about the movies.


Since, this is an honest review from my perspective, If I am going to be honest with you; watching the trailer back then I went like pftt, another dumb movie of a new guy trying to stunt his way out but damn; what have we got here, Ansel just proved me wrong with his tremendious acting and also the comedy in this movie is 10/10. I loved Bats (Jamie Fox) in the movie and the threats Darling (Eiza González) along with Buddy (Jon Hamm) were giving at the coffee shop were perfect.

This movies shows pure romace how Baby sacrifices his escape and does not put Debby's life in danger and gives up running away and also shows how Baby makes his way to his freedom out of his Shady life and how Doc was there for him when he was in trouble.

I have attached a video below about the characters explaining in depth about the movie in visual form. Get it from their perspective.

I love how baby started with a red car in the beginning of the movie and upgraded cars as the movies continued and loved how they showed retro cars, respect for elders in this movie. 

I would rate it a 9/10, enjoyed it. Lovely movie, lovely music, lovely action.

This movie is a whole cake with piece of romance, action, comedy, tradegy and a happy ending. 


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