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As many may or may not know(or care about for that matter) honesty means a great deal to me. It is also a very important part of the business that I run. Many of the greatest people that I have met producing the content that I make have turned out being dishonest or distasteful. Not going to name any names but it means a great deal when someone from your past that you helped along and guided while you were on the sidelines surpasses you immensely and they do nothing to recompensate all of the time and effort that you put of into helping them grow.

So now I am stuck within a rock and a hard place deciding on whether I truly don't belong any where close to the top of this food chain and  am simple a stepping stone for those that do not need to remember those that tried so hard to succeed in the past. I can't blame myself for why I am the way I am that would be illogical and push me into a severe depression.

What I know I can do is find a way out of this rut of helping or giving people the map to the maze that somehow is different for every other person. Then I come to wonder of the flip side if their fame will be short lived and not well executed. It lies under the same concept that film makers encounter every day. Ex. Just because Michael Bay made Transformers and you are the biggest fan of the recent movies doesn't mean you want to watch every Michael Bay movie ever produced. There is a missing clause that anyone with a logical mind is able to find and that clause being the uncanny ability to be able to brand one's self to such an extent that you end up with a (in)famous reputation that will lure fans to the mere glimmer of your name underneath the commercial you spend millions of dollars to air.

My point being if I disclose full honesty with you all I ask for is full honesty reciprocated so that when I eventually reach your limit which you are binded to by your inability to adjust to ever changing climates I don't completely leave you in the dark and share none of my completely unique success with you.

So I leave you with this fraction of a byte that will only stay in your short term memory for a quarter of an hour.

Hope it wasn't to terribly rant driven, but tis my nature as the moon rises and nothing sits in my stomach but broken dreams and will to type words with my keyboard.

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