Honor killing rises in Pakistan

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Last night i was surfing on TV in search of good entertainment, when i saw a show on news channel which highlight the dark corner of society, yesterday its episode is based on honor killing of a girl in Lahore second largest city of Pakistan, he was killed by her own husband just because he doubt that she has relation with one of his cousin.He brutally killed her with the continues strike of ax. The whole scene and the story really gave me goose bumps and it make me think that how much women are killed every day in this world just because of their so called Gods doubt them, they live in the world ruled by men and they are on mercy of them.

Honor killing is increasing day by day in world specially in Pakistan and India. No one knows every day how much girls meet their unfortunate fate and get killed. Pakistan is the country where people lives with some strict social codes and one of them is prestige. They don't want to let go of their so called honor and they will save it weather they have to sacrifice their own daughter, sister or wives, mostly honor killing happens when the person of family specially girls do some act against the social code like to say no the marriage proposal, to marry a person of her own choice , or sometime she get killed just on the basis of doubt

.According to government data from 2004 to 2010 honor killing cases rises 30% and about three thousands girls killed in this time. About 95% victims of these cases are girls. About 80% cases happen when girl marry someone of her own choice without parents permission, as we have witness the case of girls which was highlighted by press media in which a three month pregnant girl was stoned along with her husband by her father and relative out side the court when she came to submit her testimony that her husband didn't kidnapped her and she go with him with her Will, in this attack she was murder and her husband was badly injured.

Honor killing is really a spur on the face of Pakistan, we are seeing many women every day working their way up in the ministry and other profession but still Pakistan has not get ridden of this curse and no one knows how many women get killed in the name of honor killing and we don't listen their scream 

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