Hope you are Having a better day than I am

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   REALLY? ..... I sure hope your day is going better than mine !

I realized that lately I've been spending way too much time here talking about business, programs, tools, etc - and it's so freakin' boring - so I took a break to take my Facebook engagement to the streets.

First I went to the mall and told random people that I LIKED them and tried to give them a hug, and then all the stores I pointed and said "I like this " and "really like that" - until security booted me out!. 

Then I went to the park and asked all the women there if they'd like to SHARE or to see what I share - and twice I got slapped ! 

Later when the police all showed up, a dozen deep, I POKED them all and they ALL poked me back many times, as they wrestled me to the ground ! 

Now I have an bail hearing tomorrow at 4 ..... can you help me out? Any suggestions? You know I love you !

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