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Desire for achieving goals or expectations to come true is something always hoped; it might or mightn’t be achieved  however  we remains hopeful  to happen.

We hope a lot of things, but few happen or will happen maybe in your lifespan or after one pass away.

Hopes provide courage to do hard work for reaching your goals. There is an objective behind everything you do, and every aspect of life is linked with a goal, everyone has expectations and hopes a lot those to become true.

We believe God created mankind to worship him. He sent guidance to help human being in doing right and avoiding wrong. He gave them the choice to choose the right path and/or the wrong, one with hope for the mankind to choose right path.

A human being hopes to go to paradise and the same hope gives him/her the courage to do his/her best efforts to make God happy through doing the right things.

Parents always wish to be the greatest around the world and hopes for their children to be civilized and good members of their society. They also expect to serve them as a stick in old age.

Children in other hand will obey their parent and will try to be according to their expectation. In Muslim society the children hope that their parent will choose a spouse for them and hopes to fulfill all their needs including education.

While considering the materialistic world, mankind hope for fame, money and power, and those he hopes he will achieve what he want and the same hope gives him the courage to do hard for achieving his goals.

in love, a lover always hope to find the beloved in front  of his/her eyes, and wish his/her happiness, and to give him or her the happiness of the world. He/ she are always searching for a good partner.

At last everyone has a hope, and we live in this world with hopes,

 For as to what I consider hope is a gift of Allah which urges us to do more instead of giving up which gives us courage to achieve our goals toward directing our activities to these goals more effectively and more efficiently”.

and several scientific said some thing about the hope they like:

“He, who has health, has hope. And he, who has hope, has everything.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

Hope is the dream of a waking man.



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fariba rejhan from Herat Afganistan .Student of 12th grade of Amir Ali shir Nawaie and intersted to writting topics and reports.

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