Horoscope | According to Zodiac sign HOW YOUR 2018 IS GOING TO BE? __(Part-1)

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Horoscope” almost everyone is familiar with that but let me give a summarized definition of horoscope before starting anything.


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Horoscope can be defined as a prediction or a forecast about person’s future. It highlights the up and downs of a person’s life by examining the positions of stars and planets at the time of person’s birthday.

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After that, let’s come to the point. Horoscope is a type of study but its true or not I can’t say that. Among all of us, the majority of people believe in horoscope while some of us did not. It’s just a matter of belief, nothing else. There was a time almost 2 years back when I did not even know what is a zodiac? What is horoscope? I use to think that these are just wastage of time. No one can tell about my future by reading my birthday. But now, I am changed a little bit. Today I used to read stars twice a month just for getting an idea about what should I need to do these days. I think it’s a good thing. So here I come up with all the zodiac signs and the predictions about “HOW YOU’RE 2018 IS GOING TO BE?


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I will describe some basic predictions about each zodiac sign one by one.


1.ARIES Horoscope: March 21-April 20


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As this year is a new start, it will bring great changes in your life. You will encounter some strange things at the start of this year but don’t afraid everything will get better after some time. The most interesting thing about you is you will get some positive response in love life. The feelings you are hiding due to your secretive nature will get out naturally. You have to say this year because if you didn’t do that your partner will no longer be with you.


This is a good time for you to give time and attention to your career. But if you did not pay attention things can get wrong. You will face financial crises temporarily but everything will be fine at the end. This year will end up with pleasant opportunities for you.

>>>Be careful

You need to be really careful about the practical instructions and with your words also. This year your words can make or break you. So be careful.

2.TAURUS Horoscope: April 21- May 21


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Overall this is a challenging year for all Taurus. This year somehow depends upon you also because it will provide you different opportunities. It’s up to you to instantly hit the opportunity or to lose it. Everything will start moving faster this year so you need to be quick. With time things start slowing down. If you want to make some big decisions, do it before June. It’s a good time for your zodiac.


this year is all about work for you. Nothing like love or romance is going to hit you. But in some business projects, you must get a partner with someone you can share your thoughts and can be a good team.

>>>Be careful

You need just need to be quick and fast this year. Be careful whenever something happen just response it there. Don’t be diplomatic or slow.

3.GEMINI Horoscope: May 22- June 21


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This year is taking you to the height as your efforts in life are bringing fruits. Your goals are at their place but you should be consistent. Your love life is getting neglected because you are keeping secrets. These secrets are disturbing your partner; you need to spell out everything if you want to clear all misunderstandings. Your partner is very understanding just trust them.


Success gives arrogance and attitude, you are also going through it. You are in an active mood where you can challenge anyone. But don’t do it, don’t make enemies rather work on your weaknesses. It will help you in your ambitions. Just focus on something that is stopping you. Don’t relax rather use your power to gain more.

>>>Be careful

In October your enemies will try to knock you down by attacking your cash. Be careful within October.

4.CANCER Horoscope: June 22- July 23


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This year will somehow prove to be a relief for you. All the tensions of the past will shed up. You will get more ways of making your life better. Your love life is going to be refreshed within his year because you might be travelling with your loved ones. In this time, you need to be generous because your partner is going to value you.


You are going to be benefited from different resources. Money is coming to you from one after another source, just pick them. Your financial condition is going to be marvellous because of your own efforts. It doesn’t mean you are not having any problem this year. Problems might arise but these are not permanent. You can easily solve any problem if you start working more professionally. This year you need to prove yourself as a professional so, safely continue your journey.

>>>Be Careful

Due to some workload, you wouldn’t be able to give your loved ones care and time. But if you behave rudely and cold, it can be problematic for you. So be patient and cool during all this time.

5.LEO Horoscope: July 24- August 23


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This year is full of shocks for you guys. You are going to face shocks twice but you will learn from them. In past, you have taken some wrong decisions and these shocks will make you realize that you're wrong. But your career still gives you chances to flourish. You might don’t like to work, but if you start doing hard work things will get better drastically.

>>>Be Careful

People will try to please you, but don’t get trapped. Observe everything open-mindedly so that you can differentiate between good and bad.

These are some zodiac signs. I will be there again with the next part of this article.

To be continued…

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