Hospitals in Pakistan

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Hospital is the symbol of care and protection there are number of the hospital in the Pakistan which you may not count them there are many big hospitals in the Pakistan like the Agha khan,Shifa and Pims etc there are many private and the civil hospitals in the Pakistan there are much funds for the hospitals in the Pakistan there is also aid from the foreign countries for the health of the poor people in Pakistan and it is given to the hospitals

                                                                                                                                    there are black sheep in the every institute which can full fill only there abduman and do not thing about the other firstly we talk about the private hospitals there are best private hospitals in the Pakistan but there cure cost is high there only a wealthy people can be effort a poor people can not enter in these hospitals there are also the civil hospitals in the Pakistan there is cure for the every thing there is no proper cleaning in these hospitals if you ever visited there you see that there is no proper system in the civil hospitals there lacks of modern machines

                                                                                                                                            First of all in the private hospital there are is no doctors in the hospitals if he is by chance present then there check up is not well he only give those dose to the patient which have the doctor share we day listen daily that many patient has been died due to the ignorance of the doctor it is the duty of the government that they should take care of the hospitals then on the day of jugement they will answer it


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