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         Life in a college hostel is full of pleasure and charms.Here one meets people from different part of the country and learn the art of making friends.Moreover,independent life in hostel, creates the habit of  depending on oneself.

        In a hostel one begins to feel the responsibilities of life.As all the boarders come from different families,they learn a lot from one another.They live there like one family, sharing each other's joys and sorrows.Thus, there prevails an atmosphere of equality, brotherhood.and even liberty among the hostel students.There is no difference of caste, creed or status in a hostel.They live in similar rooms and eat the food cooked in the same mess.


      Hostel rules are very strict. There are several social clubs in hostel, run by the students themselves.Students in hostel have their differences as well.They have their quarrels too, but these do not last long.All quarrels are soon forgotten and friendly relation are restored easily.In our later years we remember these friends with love and there memory is always dear to us.

      The Common Room, the Reading Room and the Dinning Hall. all have their own importance.Here boys and girls exchange there views and discuss current affairs.The atmosphere in a hostel is always helpful for studies.


     Students have fixed study hours in hostel.There are also some very good students in the hostel.They are always busy with their books.They inspire other students by their example and thus, there prevails a spirit of healthy competition among hostel students.

      But hostel life, with all its charms and advantages, is not without its ugly features.Many students have bad habits.Some begin to love films and fashion and waste their parents money, thus many resident of the hostel waste precious years of there life and go back to there home without any achievement but, many students are successful in their  purposes.


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