*HOT* FREE $20 !!! Limited Time - NO USA

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*Note This $20 for free is eligible for Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. All others can sign up but at a reduced bonus. NO USA.

New Company is giving $20 away for singing up.
What is this?
It is a new online currency that is going to rival bitcoin, the only difference is that you money is backed by GOLD. Which is awesome. If you have 10g of gold in your account, you can use it as regular money or redeem it for a gold cube.

So anyways, they are giving $20 / sign up for a limited time, so many sure you jump on it!

Available for everyone but the USA

save it or spend it ... the choice is yours.. maybe once day when the financial structure collapses you will be happy you forgot about this gold :)

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