How about a chocolate?

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I am a chocolate-lover. I have always been. And I have read many articles describing chocolate – what is the impact on your health; is it dangerous or potentially can make you ill? In my opinion, we should leave this up to every individual to decide if chocolate is useful for his/her body. I do not think food that can make you happy can harm you as well. This does not sound logical.


When I mention chocolate, I am referring to the "real" one - not the chocolate desserts, candies or whatsoever. Here are the types:


White chocolate


The recipe is without the traditional cocoa, but delicious and sweeter. The color of this goody is extravagant and unique.


Chocolate with nuts

This is one of my favorites; the nuts can be peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and much more. This chocolate gives more energy than the regular one, due to the high-calorie pack in the combination. For example, a normal milk chocolate can contain up to 50 calories less than the one with nuts.

Milk chocolate

A plain version, according to me, somewhat boring, but many people prefer buying those. The recipe is less fancy and many companies offer different variations. That is still a good decision.


Natural chocolate


This one has a high percentage of cocoa, which makes its taste bitter and less sweet. Natural chocolate is claimed to be healthy and recommended by many diets and health lifestyle magazines.


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