How can I get remarkable revenue via Film annex?

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Film annex, the most famous and familiar name which has activities in many countries across the world, is the greatest way and chance that through it we can earn money from everywhere we are.

Film annex had been started its activities in Afghanistan long time ago such as Kabul and Heart province. At the moment a large number of expert bloggers/ writers are the users of Film annex also good news for the Pakistan people that early Film annex wants to formally start its activities in this country.

Film annex, this website which exist in virtual world, day by day getting more enrich and more familiar. As  I’m witness, In the Kabul city in to governmental and private universities everyone in everywhere talks about Film annex, It means that they want to arrange their selves with the Film annex’s standards and being an active user of it.

Film annex contains Film making, Blogging, Sharing, Influence, Buzz score and Reward.

As a point of priority Film making is in the first step and after that blogging, sharing and influence are in the next steps. I have to mention that everything I cited has its great effect on users influence which directly effect on buzz score and reward that bring remarkable monthly revenue for a user.

Films have good score that film makers should organize their made films with Film annex‘s standards which has a standard grade. In the 2nd step I can name the blogs which users write that has good score. I have to cite that early blogs go to under review and take number from moderators, of course those blogs that get 5 numbers, will enter to Annex press which brings high score for the user.

I have to say that if a blogger wants that his or her blogs enter to Annex press beside observing of rules ; to bold, tag, underline key words and sentences, create link, put 2 – 3 pictures and 1 – 2 related films, should write about keywords, goals and activities of Film annex and Women’s annex.

In the 3rd step, I have to say that sharing of films from Nato channel, White house, Women’s annex Kabul and other channels film also to share the other’s user’s blogs, it shows cooperation among users and cause a user improvement in this website.

Well, now I want to talk about influence. Three previous issues have their strong effect on a user’s score and reward. Every film/blog that we share takes like, comment, share, favorite, re tweet, re blog which all these activities in social media networks effect of influence and cause more buzz score and more revenue.

So I can obviously share with you that every four mentioned issues are joined with each other and has effect on each other. If a Film annex user makes films, write blogs and share films and blogs of other users and has activities in other social media network; Google, Face book, Twitter, Linked in and Tumblr, then due to this activities a user could earn remarkable monthly revenue.

At the end I have to cite that Film annex website had been developed in a great way because it makes user to work on his or her channel otherwise the user buzz score trend gets down and has directly effect on revenue.

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