"How can we make a better future"

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 Good future is ever desireable for each one.a better future is asset of one,s life.everyone keep the desire of a better future .(insip)instead of good past and present the focus in much on better future,in mostly people.and indeed everyone should do struggle for a better future.if we talk about that how can we make a better future, according to me the foremost thing is to establish a good present.within the present time try to seek the use of untlize the sources which you have,and if you haven,t much way and means or sources then make your ways ownself.                                                                                                                                                                                                         As we one well aware of this proverbes'                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ."God helps those who help them selves"                                                                                                                       if you are a teenager and you wana a better future,so in current time you have to pay full attention to your studies.because .if you are well educated you can make your future better.because knowledge has power.as'bacon'says:''knowledge has power''and folke also says:''knowledge is power is knowledge that is all''.education teaches the man who to be civilized and how you can utilize your time in a best way. it teaches you to live a perfect life because many of the people thought that education makes you failure best.if you have some skills in your personalities,your ablities will be move polished after a high education and you can do a better job,can become a big gun.after getting high post one person establish himself and can also change the family condtion.and if there be move educated people in pakistan,the ille-lracyrate will be reduced and will also get progress or meliorate.if you wana get a better future,so never fear to over strain,never stop at any stage just be firm to your aim and remove every hurdle which come to you away,keep struggling,then it is a grantee that you will find the reward of your struggle,and that'll fruitfull.according to me with a effort or by sticking to your aim you can make your future best .but the key role of  better future is to do workhard.because as ''shakespear''says:''nothing ventured,nothing gain.''

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