How can you not feel

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She is always there, thinking about you talking about you. Missing you and always regretting the chances she lost. How can you not then feel the same way? If you were never meant to be, did you knew it from the beginning yet exploited her. We can't help her, she doesn't need any help. She needs you.

Every time she sees someone who looks like you, or she hears someone who sounds like you or she meets someone with your name, she burst into tears or goes numb like a retard. Don't you feel a single spark when you see her, or when you used to? Has it never happened to you? Was it just her?

And look at the way you used to treat her, look at the way you talked to her last time when you got to talk to her. Yet she thinks you're the right guy. Yet she thinks it's all her fault. Yet she's ready to make it up at any cost. But all you charge her with are brand new blames every single time she make an efforts.

Don't you feel anything? Don't you feel anything at all? Have you never felt like her ever? Was it so easy for you to get over with?

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