How Cebu-Based Corporate Companies Join the Halloween Fun?

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Working in a corporate environment, solving problems, facing a monitor, typing on the keyboard, answering email and supporting customers, it may become monotonous, so much that most if not all employees tend to become bored of the same type of issues, problems, and situations happening within the office.

It is indeed the job of the recreational department to get their employees to do something out of the blue, activities which will somehow break the frozen nerves and clogged brain cells. Part of these activities is involving the entire company community to a scary, exciting and fun Halloween treat!

How do Cebu-based corporate companies join the fun Halloween fun?

In Cebu or throughout the Philippines in general, Halloween is also being exercised, it may not be the same as that in the United States where kids would surely go out with their cute costumes and knock on neighbors doors for candies, there are already different areas where the same is practiced.

Corporates, on the other hand, make it a point to also allow their employees to feel this event. I can vouch that having these activities exercised in the corporate world takes that serious work-mode away and exchange it with a relaxed and chill place to stay.

There are several things that can be done inside the office and the list below are just a few of them:

Best Decorated Station Contest

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The office has to have that vibe of the season. The cobwebs, those hanging skeletons, skulls on the floor, lit up pumpkins on the station desks, perhaps some dark and filthy witch brooms or graveyard photos, whatever it is, perhaps one of the most common activities which the admin office would request the employees to join is the Best Decorated Station Contest.

It brings out creativity among the comrades, the wild imagination and perhaps copycat talents to really mimic an image find on Google search, as long as the station is being decorated, that will do it.

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Others like my previous BPO company would give the task in groups, like per isle which will enable more hands to work on their designated section because admit it or not, there are really individuals who are either just lazy or that do not have a creative side to this challenge.

Best in Halloween Costume Competition

Of course, who will forget the Halloween costume competition? It can also pass as a Cosplay sort of event because of course, you have to become what the character you are portraying on that specific day.

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There are so many costumes to work on, there are those which are just simple like being a fairy with nice makeups while there are also others who go the extra mile with all the stains, bloody dresses, props, and other gimmicks.

This reminded me of a time when my husband's company had the same competition and they had someone portraying a nun with a very white scary face!

Halloween Party

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There's a good reason to set up a party on Halloween, it brings about team cohesion and camaraderie. We do want to chill and just be crazy at one time so this type of party is definitely one to consider.

Party can include food and merrymaking. Getting together and building up a friendship between co-employees and perhaps employee to employer relationships too! There are dancing and eating and drinking but for sure the company won't allow getting drunk so if there would be any drinking, it will involve only with sodas and sweet cocktails.

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Scary Movie Sessions

While it is fun to have parties and competitions, there are some businesses like let's say start-up companies which can not afford to shell out money to really set up parties and there are employees who are like me, don't want to stress themselves with preparing for costumes, we all know the hassle of looking for a costume right?

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So one good idea to still feel Halloween is for the entire team to watch scary movies! I definitely believe there will be scary movies at the theater on Halloween Day so it is a time for the ladies to scream their lungs out and the guys out there to perhaps cover their faces as they feel the chills on their spine and such.

Popcorns and drinks will surely get all over the theater place in such case! So be ready and just keep calm as the horror story begins!

Office Trick or Treat

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Alright, we will never forget the traditional trick or treat but with a twist, because this is an office set up so each employee will have to prepare candies and treats for their officemates' kids to come by!

The employees are exempted of all the costume thingy as well as decorating their stations. All they got to do is to buy out packs of sweets and yummy treats because the children of their colleagues and perhaps their own too will be knocking on their station boards for their baskets to be full on that day, at least that's their ultimate agenda.

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Trick or treating is always fun when it involves kids so you got to forget about being greedy with those candies because the kids will surely hunt you down until the last piece gets into their collection!

Then it will be your decision if you go pranking on your kids that you ate all their candies the next day! But just a reminder, don't go overboard with that, just laugh and tell them that you are just kidding!

Spooky Photobooth

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Finally, for your Instagram or other social media updates! You don't want to let that day pass by without an update on what you did on Halloween Day.

For sure you want to get involved in this scary but fun day so setting up a spooky photo booth is totally possible. There are so many photobooth services nowadays which you can customize and get your photos printed right away! Plus, the digital copies are also imported into an online page like in Facebook so each employee has the chance to get a photo updated into their social media accounts.

Are you joining any Halloween event this year? Are you an employee? What are your company activities for Halloween? As for me, we are having our first Scariest Halloween Costume Office Day! It's quite exciting and I will surely blog about what my costume as well as my colleagues' next week!

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