How could this happen to me?

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             Gasping, I try not to cry out in pain when he struck . Piercing pain flooded my leg as I try to move. I wonder how what happened that led up to this torture. I thought back to that day in which this all began…


I was walking to my high school with my two best friends, Storm and Destiny. Storm is the one who you don’t want to mess with   and won’t hesitate to punch you in the face saying some rude words in the process. Storm has strawberry blond hair and startling gray eyes. Destiny had unusual bright violet eyes with snow-white hair that complimented her olive tones skin. She was the cool collected and calm person. Oh, how I miss her so much! A man wore thick winter gear that covered his face that left only half his face uncovered. We didn't think about that at that time because we lived in Alaska and it was winter. Besides we were all wearing thick winter gear. Oh how I wish I did! If only I knew about his obdurate heart, if only. He told us he wanted a tour around this small town and he was new. Destiny and I said yes immediately while Storm was a little doubtful and didn’t want to but in the end she agreed. This town is very tight and we all care about each other and trust each other. We even sometimes left our door unlocked with out even worrying that someone will rob us. He told us were his car was and like fools followed him. Suddenly, he turned around and put something on our mouths quickly.


The next thing I knew, I woke up to the sound of the waves crashing on something. Were we on a boat I wondered? I looked around and saw Destiny and Storm stirring on the brown colored wood floor.  Destiny’s eyes opened and then Storm’s eyes.

            Destiny being the smart one stuttered” Umm Lyrica, Storm I think we are on a sloop, a type of boat I think…”

             She then trailed off to leave us with our dreary, dangerous, and dismal thoughts. I then started to get a good look around the boat to see if there is any thing we can use as weapons and noticed the walls were painted blue while the room was plain. I guess he doesn’t want us to use anything on him… we stayed like that for along time.  A door opened to reveal a well-built man about 25 years old with platinum hair with a red plain mask enter.



Storm being the rude one said a few imprudent words that would have made her mother yell at her. The man simply smirked and said nothing because I think he knew that would make her angrier. She then punched him in the stomach and our wonderful kidnapper was happily caught off guard.

                                        The man then yelled at her” You insolent little brat!”

Suddenly he chuckled and muttered” Don’t worry I’ll teach you to respect me yet soon…”

Then he started doing so much blight too her. He began kicking, punching, and hurting Stormy while we screamed at him to stop. Stormy started to shriek loudly. Finally, he stopped when she became unconscious and bloody. Her hair was matted with so much blood that you couldn’t see that she had strawberry blond hair. What we say today was completely ineffable. He gave us his name Angle. How ironic! Also. He gave us precepts we had to follow. Then Angle went out of the room and then came back with a first-aid kit. Storm finally woke up the next day thanks to the fact that I’m studying medical. After we ate our breakfast, which consisted of 3 half-baked potatoes and 10 kilograms of water.

Destiny uttered an impertinent and odiousness phrase that made Angle go into another mad frenzy until her back were literally covered in blood. Stormy and I looked at him with such an intense odium at him and he felt it as he came out the door.

                                                       To be continued…



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