How do i love you ?

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How do i love you ?

Wonder Phenomenon Yeah…

A miracle,

It’s hard to think…like walking on a cloud,

Seems a creepy wish when I stands on a ground,

I aint see any feather at my shoulder,

…but feeling like am flyin’

Woohoo that’s rebirth, very rear to become,

Girl…all I dig where empty

All I up was fall,

Until I get you from VIP club!

Nil humanity to triumph a fresh history,

Thug to being wealthy


Money money…for a dirty glory,

How can I explain…about conquer?

We didn’t get colonized…never before,

But you conquer me with luxuries feelings,

Am I clear dear?

Yeah…you are,

Very hard to think about miracle,

But know I see…

Sense glee,

Let cheers happen,

Please don’t give me boo?

That’s ma’ real about you,

…if you can see, it’s pure,

Yeah you’re a lot…the reason,

That make my

Heavenly walking keeps on!


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