How do you see yourself!

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Did you realize that most acts we are doing are involuntary? Of course yes. Existence of emotions and negative thoughts, can access with different faces into us. Indulge during eating, anorexia, illness, impatience and much more are occurs without permission. Probably these things are not relate to human’s volition.

People with all power they have, must have positive thinking about themselves and effort to think positive, this is the most important factor to have a success and happy life. Those guys who have negative thinking about selves and have unsound image in their mind, they see themselves as unlucky man and think that are nothing.

Those who think incorrect and negative, they will lose their inner happiness day by day. Even they will act serious for a little incident. They will also lose their golden opportunities by thinking negative.

In addition, by making negative image of themselves, they use these marks:

  • Envy
  • Negative thinking of themselves
  • Fault sensation
  • Inability to express speech expressions
  •  Denial speech expressions
  • Playdown to inner wants
  • Not asking about their wishes
  • Abdicate from peace without reasons
  • Inability to express their inner feelings
  • Inability to accept others love
  • Blaming others
  • Compare themselves with others
  • Weak act for creating eternal peace

Don’t forget that think of a thing you want is the step to receive it, hence wises are thinking best. Important things to write here are finding options to combat against negative thinking and this is the main point for answering my question used in the title.

Changing of behavior is so difficult but you can do it if you wish to do and the interesting thing is, that sometimes negative thinking is powerful then positive, but to whom who want to see themselves positive here are the tips to keep in their mind:

  1. Try to use thankful words and phrases in your routine behavior and communications.
  2. If you stand in a condition that you have not a good sense about yourself, just be quiet and try to not use negative words about yourself.
  3. When you do a valuable and positive action try to acknowledge the work in your inside.
  4. Believe me humans are fallible so if you do a mistake don’t worry of it and don’t blame always yourself and don’t pretend that you are nothing.
  5. Emphasize on your health
  6. Try to understand others that what behavior you like and also near yourself to that behavior.
  7. Try to read books and join meetings and councils for making positive skill to encourage you for positive thinking.

By Muhammad Elias Hatimi

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Kabul University

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