How do you spend your spare time?

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        I spend my time by a schedule, which every work that I do is based on schedule, and hope to be succeed and doing great so that no body can complain about my work.

And also when I find free time I will arrange my time for studying and go any where for break and have a good time with my friends. I myself more like to study any subjects and educational book; because when we study an educational book we will learn and be aware of many issues from every where and every thing which occurs in the world.

 And also spending my time is very important for me, and also more people want to spend their spare time on picnic, and also I think going any where for picnic is good but not always.

 Some people work far from their homes and families, most of them want to spend their free time with their families, and also every person must manage their time. because managing of time is very important for every person  to have control of their time and perform every task which they do, and also nobody ever can be succeed in their life if they can not manage their time. they will waste and loss their time in that work which does not have any benefit for them.

We know that time is in passing and never come back and also many people have no attention for their time and they always fail in any event that they face.

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Somaya Ahmadi is from Herat Afghanistan. Somaya Ahmadi is graduated from Litrature faculty of Herat University . Somaya Ahmadi was also graduated from Hatifi High school in 2008. She has interested to playing soccer.

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