How Does Heat Flow From Hotter To Colder Body

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How heat transfer from one body to another. This phenomena or this process can be explained as forward. First of all you will know about the electrons. If any body have free electrons, then heat is transferred. There are two cases for transferred of heat. 1st is vibration of body and 2nd is motion of free electron in a body.

If both these cases are applied in a body, then transfer of heat  is taken. 1st of all, you will take an iron rod. The one end of iron rod is put on a stove. The second end is free from any thing. The end which is taken in a stove, is start heated. The process is that when heat enter the first atom, the atoms vibrates about its mean position. Then atoms collides to each other. During collision, the heat is transfer to 2nd atom.

Again the second atom vibrates to its mean position and atoms start colliding to the third atom. During collision, again heat is transfer to another atom. In this way, the end of rod is heated. If atom have no free electrons, then no heat is transfer. Due to free electrons, the atom absorb energy and during collision. These energy transferred to next atom. This process is repeated again and again. And then the whole rod is heated.


So, everyone understand that how heat transferred from hotter to colder body. Here hotter body is stove and colder body is red. So, transfer of heat from stove to red in this way. So, in transfer of heat you should know, how to set a apparatus to observe these phenomena. Only those things are used which absorb heat like iron and metals are good heat absorber. In other way, if you take wooden rule, plastic or this type of anything, then heat cannot be transfer from hotter to colder because wood and plastic are bad conductor.

So, only use good conductor like metals. Metals gain immediately heat because its have free electrons. If electrons vibrates fast, then very soon heat is transfer from one atom to another and if less electron are present, then transfer of heat is slowly slowly. So, the main role is playing in transfer of heat is electrons. So, this is process how transfer of heat is takes place.

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