How Elon Musk is a Real Life Tony Stark

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You might have heard of the electric car by now. There is a company called TESLA who recently went public that manufactures completely electric cars. Unlike Hybrids who use electric and gas charges these are luxury model cars that are extremely friendly to the environment. They have a hefty price tag, but they’re very very nice. The stock right now is at about 180$.

There’s another company which is also environmentally friendly at 30$ a share called Solar City. As you might have guessed this company is focusing on solar power as an alternative energy source, but that’s poorly worded. They’re looking to make solar energy the energy source; not the alternative. They’re positioned in California and have the ability to  install solar power in residential and commercial buildings all throughout the United States.

One more company I’ll share with you is Space X. Space X is privatized space exploration which includes initiatives to have automated rockets and shuttles to Mars, Jupiter, and other galaxes. Space X focuses on scouring the universe so it can learn more from distant planets and stars in terms of their past inhabitants, conditions – basically just think of a real life Star Trek. That’s Space X.


What do these three companies have in common (besides being incredibly awesome and fulfilling the dreams of geeks everywhere such as myself)? They all were either founded or constructed through the ideas of one guy – Elon Musk. This 42 year old South African gentlemen has taken it upon himself to build these three companies within the last fifteen years. Two of them are public already. Space X isn’t by his own choice. He is trying to solve our energy crisis, reduce our carbon footprint and usage of all fossil fuels, and discover new planets and systems so we can learn and build our civilization from their findings.

This is the coolest guy in the world right now. This is our real life Tony Stark. I wanted to talk about him just to let you all know that one person is capable of all this. It’s just one person and his acumen in the end. His resources to accomplish this were all earned. And he doesn’t even have an Iron Man suit.

I implore you to check out some of these ventures and see first hand what I’m sharing with you. I do believe this is a taste of the future and its being designed right now by this man. We all deserve to know about it.


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