How Global Warming Can Be Reduced

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        The word warming means absorption of radiation. So, global warming means such as green house, due to the selective absorption of radiation by the boundary of the enclosure, is known as green house effect. The example of green house effect is that we we made interior of car packed like this that hot sun radiation does not enter the car. This process is called green house effect.

 Many of the principles of transfer of heat and its prevention can be understood by studying the process of green house. Glass has the property that it reflect sunlight radiation and absorbed infrared radiation. When in the day time, the green house absorbed sunlight rays. These rays then absorbs by the soil. After some time, these plants and soil cool down and release some energy which heat up the green house and this release of energy is called infrared radiation. Also earth absorbs the sunlight radiation from sun. The sun has the very much capacity to absorbed the heat and in response the sun also release energy in many forms of energy which was discussed as below.

Due to very high temperature, the radiation from the sun is mainly in the range of ultraviolet, visible light and higher frequency infrared radiation. These radiation have very high frequencies and very short wavelength. These radiation are very energetic. The earth surface have very low temperature. So, it can radiation very low frequency and low wavelength infrared radiation. All time, the earth absorbed light rays and releasing some forms of energy or radiation and attain a medium position.

The earth's surface is surrounded by its atmosphere of air. Water vapours and carbon dioxide are also present in air. The short wavelength radiation from the sun pass freely through the earth's atmosphere without being absorbed. When sun radiate radiation, These absorbed by the earth's surface. On the other hand, the radiation from the earth is very high wavelength. So, these radiation are absorbed by water vapours and carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere. The atmosphere radiates most of this energy back to earth the resulting is that earth globe is warming. The kind of effect which gives rises to the global warming is called global warming.

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