How I find Inspiration for Blog Topics, Here are the 5 Ways

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The requirement to post blogs every day is challenging. That is for sure a struggle most especially to those who are not very inclined to writing.


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I, for one still grapples to find a blog topic. I can't write every day here in bitLanders but I always make sure that I have at least three blogs submitted per week. There are days or weeks where I neglect to write one or shall I say would be very busy at work and I can't obtain a time to do compose a topic plus the struggle of attaining that right topic which I would be blogging about is yet another strain which I have to overcome each day.

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But maybe because I am already used to the challenge that I am able to find one topic every single time that I would like write. Or perhaps I am just really persistent in terms of looking for a topic to write about.

Because of that, I thought about bestowing to all of you as to how I crack to find topics to write.

1. Read Blogs

There's a major mentality why we have eyes for seeing and hands able to write. Reading other people's blogs somehow empowers us to recognize a lot of things which also, in the long run, will help us get ideas on what to blog about.

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As for me, I have a specific set of bloggers and writers which and whom I follow. These are not necessarily from bitLanders, some are from other platforms like Blogger or WordPress, I would also, of course, read from bitLanders itself and out from those blogs I would be able to formulate something.

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Topics such as those related to life, medicine, health, money and more are the usual thoughts that I tend to make a blog about. I also keep a record or list of these ideas on my Google Keep application.


A few months ago, I was receiving an email about the dangers of pollution from the save the Arctic movement. By that time of reading the article, I remember Jagna's no plastic policy. This I was able to write one new blog out of it.

2. Open Other Social Media Websites

Social media isn't all about the photos and social statuses. For me, social media is another media for me to find inspiration. There are tales and narratives within it that may sound like uninteresting to me at first but will eventually give me unique ideas.

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Topics like photography one usually taken from these social media sites because I have followed photography accounts such as the accounts of Peter McKinnon and Casey Niestat.

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Calligraphy and Hand Lettering topics are another thing. I also have followed some other users who are good with this and I am able to write blogs inspired by their works.

There are lots of social media on the web and all of these platforms can become your motivation or stimuli in writing.

3. Find Inspiration for Day to Day Events

A few days aback, a friend finds me that she is finding it troublesome, laborious and struggle to blog. It is hard to manage a certain number of blog entries especially if there are different sites she is maintaining. I totally understand the circumstance but although there are times when it is obstinate to blog, she should take the break and rest as she needed and return to blogging when she is feeling enthusiastic to do so.

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Sometimes, you don't require lots of reading or social media interaction just so you could write an entry. A mere narration of your day to day activities would be enough.

I had been doing this if you notice, there are blogs about what occurred in a day. Certain bloggers such as @rain-tajon do this too which is my favorite topic of hers.

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So if you think nothing is interesting about your daily life, think afresh. Or better turn on your computer and start writing a narration about it. Take photos, other media and publish then right there and then.

4. Interact with Co-Users

Here's one that could be earned through enough time. Interacting with users is something that not many of us are creating. I am guilty of this too but when I try my best to interact with more people, I am able to obtain information.

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This knowledge that I achieved is indeed useful and helpful for me to effectively grow in this platform and the other sites too. But aside from that, I am also able to create my own version of the theme.

Developing friendships from all the activities and interactions are done through the years of being on a site is very valuable worthwhile. Currently, I have earned friends from different portions of the world. We have shared different opinions and give as well take information from each other.

5. Travel and Explore

"Travel made me a storyteller."

I know I have read something similar to this quote and I can't agree more! When I travel together with my husband James, I become a storyteller, I have topics to share. Most of the time, I could formulate and post series of blogs from one particular travel.

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The world indeed is enormous but it can be shared with the other person from the other portion of the world through the stories devised, photos shared and video clips buffered. It is my pleasure that I get to share to bitLanders my journey series.

I have discovered as well that travel doesn't really mean swaying away from where you are currently at. While going overseas, traveling on airplanes are both extra specials, just exploring your town or city is already good enough.

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Realize that there's always something to offer. Any tiny town or city or even if that is a forgotten one has something exceptional and special, perhaps even extraordinary in it. It can be compared to a person, everyone is unique and everyone has something to contribute, share and give, something to share whatever the status you have in your life currently. You can definitely bestow that little restaurant opposite to your building, take photos, be honest and just provide information, that's good, enough and sufficient.

So travel, explore and start to traverse, you'll be surprised with when you see yourself becoming another storyteller!

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