How i improved my English

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You might don't know that this is my first vlog . let me tell you first about my self ;)

My name is Ayesha . I am 17 years old and i am from Pakistan but i live in Oman so i can speak URDU as my tongue ,English  ,Punjabi and obviously Arabic .i love learning new languages so i am trying all my best to learn Spanish as well.

Now let's began to our main topic , How i improved my English  . the story began here ..

when i was 6 years old i traveled from Pakistan to Oman . which really effected on my study . After 3 months later my parents decided to admit me in a English (Bangladeshi ) school but unfortunately i didn't knew what exactly English is ! because i used to study in Pakistan and the course was in Urdu 

I hated that school not because of language but the way school teachers and student were behaving with me !

I was so disappointed that what will be my future and how i will develop my self ! because i believe that school is the second home to develop , improve and to built our identity ! but it's  impossible if there is no support !

The students were student but the teachers were much more than students to blame me or you can say the weak one ! they called me selfish , you can't do it , you don't study ,you are an idiot and blah blah ..believe me i didn't learnt English . but i learnt the bad side of English . those words were always in my mind , my head  and screaming around me ! So i tough my self to improve and made challenged to them just in my mind that i can do it  ,  their is nothing in this world that we can't do , all we have to do is just stay resolutely  . Just remove the negative peoples and they sayings but the one thing , make sure that you point out and thought on what they said and try to change their though about you !

This was the time , when almost 1 and half year wasted ! i  decided to leave the school and to have a tuition. the effect was still there and the time was running out of  my hand and 2 years of my life were gone without any skills or study !

I started thinking how i can change their thought about me and i also started searching how to improve my English . The one and only tool that helped me in improving was social network .

let me explain it in 4 ways which really helped me !

1. I Started Listening to English songs and memorize the lyrics !

2 . i made a diray and targeted my self to collect 5 words everyday and also to found out their meaning !

3.i made so many friends on social network !

4 . to improve and to have practise i started talking to my self  by using mirror.i know its sound crazy but its really help . its a great way to know about your self and th good think about its that even if you make mistake you will learn becacuse there is just you and you reflection ! So no one will make fun of you ;)

i am so glad that i shared my experience with you , yes you the one who is reading. thank you so much for having me and also forgive me to make it toooooo long ;) 





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