How I make Bitcoins passively for free

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ATM is an awesome site which allows you to purchase a currency called, RV. This currency can be bought and sold on the sites exchange, which works the same way as a stock exchange. Currently the value of RV is growing at an average rate of 2% per day.

I am using the site to make Bitcoins, plus also to advertise my website. RV can be used on the site to purchase banner ad impressions advertising your website, products or services.

I am making RV passively for free, after I installed the ATM chrome browser plugin. This plugin adds the RV logo button on your chrome browser, and when clicked, it opens a box showing the current value of RV. The box also shows how much RV is in your account, how much RV you have made today, total ads viewed today, how much RV your referrals made for you today, and total number of referrals you have. With the ATM plugin installed, you will have banner ads appear at the bottom of your browser occasionally. Every time a banner ad is shown in your browser, you make $0.003 worth of RV, plus a percentage of the RV made by your referrals.

For more information and to join for free, please visit the following link:

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