How I met your mother?-Afghan Version!

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It is about two years that I am a big fan of “How I met your mother” American series. I saw all the episodes, some of them even for few times. It is one of the best comedy/reality serials I have ever seen till now. Although I cannot even imagine my life in a same way and style of its character’s lives in a very far corner of my mind but I always love the way they live and their strong friendship with each other.

My favorite character in this serial is Ted Mosby, a young architect who is telling the story of “how I met your mother” to his children. He tells all the stories he had with his friends till he met his wife. The girl with a yellow umbrella!

Every time I see this serial I think about our young generation here in Afghanistan; the way they get married and know each other. I ask myself what would be the answer of an Afghan man to his children’s question “how you met our mother?” How an afghan man will explain his “legendary” stories of “how I met your mother” to his children?

Perhaps most of the time the answer looks ridiculous: “ok guys! It is a long story! One day your grandmother saw a beautiful girl in a party, she fell in love with her beauty and then “wait-for-it”… I married with that girl and she is now your mother! ” ORRRRR “One day I saw your mother in the street and she was wearing her blue CHADORI, though I could not even see her face clearly, I thought maybe she is my lost love, so I fell in love and married her!!” ORRRRR “ Your mother and I were cousins, our parent decided us to marry each other when we were born so when we grew up and I saw her, I knew that she is my love! That’s how I married her!!!”ORRRRRR”  Which one of your mothers you mean kids because Bibigol your mother is my first wife and Shima’a mom is my third?!”

 Thinking about the way people commonly get married in my country just depresses me. The awful part is about women again that they have to wait till they are selected by a man and even more awful part is to not have right to take the decision of getting married with someone.

I think I should not compare the life of Afghan and American young generations with each other. This is a fact that the difference between our cultures, habits and our situation is much more and more than only the geographic distances and continents.

We are living in a totally different world, where most of the things that are commonly accepted and are accessible for them are only a dream which the young generation here would not have even right to talk about.

By the way I am happy for Ted Mosby. At least, finally he could find the girl of his dreams, a girl with a yellow umbrella. It is awesome to be with the person, who you love :)


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I am a computer engineer and have several years experience of working and teaching in this area in Herat-Afghanistan.
I am also interested in social activities and fine art and sometimes work in this fields too.
I published several text and painting books for children of my country.

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