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After requiring the provincial offices all throughout the region to designate a web administrator and an alternate, the regional office released an order requiring the website administrator and the alternate to attend the website development training. Being designated as an alternate website administrator, I was one of the two participants chosen to attend the Website Management Training initiated by the regional office. The training will focus mainly on the use of WordPress which is the official Content Management System being used by all the government agencies. 


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I am thankful that I was allowed to attend the said training. This 5-day training helped me save for 5 days travel expenses. This is because the training shall be conducted in our place which means, I don't have to travel far for several days. What a great relief on my part! 

The second week of May is one of the most relaxing weeks I experienced since I started this job. If you were constantly reading my previous posts, you might have been aware that I spend more than three hours every day to travel back and forth my place of work. Additionally, the expenses I incur every day for the fare is no joke. Seriously, my travel expense is eating almost 20% of my gross pay and half of my net pay.  Thankfully, I have my online work which can augment my financial deficiencies. 

My Online Skills Helped Me With My Offline Work.


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Acquiring a variety of online skills does not only give me an opportunity to earn extra amount during my free time. It also allows me to be more competitive even with my offline work. My success in every online activity I tried, is enough to cover my disappointments on the policies in the community. Oftentimes, I would openly share my appreciation on the online field which I regarded as a "fair playing field".  This is one of the reasons why I am trying my best to excel in this field regardless of how difficult it might be. It hurts to accept especially that I know my skills and yet I could not even handle the main position. This is the irony of life but I promise myself that I have to be patient while continuously improving my skills which I could be used in the near future. 

The Venue:


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Venezia Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in our place. With its high-end facilities and superb services, it would be a great experience to be in the place during the training.  The comfortable place and delicious food being served will surely entice anyone to stay.  Though I don't stay overnight in their comfy rooms because our home is just a few blocks away from the venue. 


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The Hotel is just a few meters away from the airport. It is a safe place to stay for travelers and other guests because of the closed security around the area. 


The invited speaker is a consultant of the Department of Science and Technology and an excellent web developer. He is very knowledgeable about the topic and really sees to it that the participants learned every detail of the lessons. Even though I am already familiar with WordPress, I still learned a lot of things from him. He is very approachable and would definitely assist us with any concern that we brought to his attention. 


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During the first day, he taught us about the basic principles and legal basis of why we need to use a Uniform Website Content Policy (UWCP) for the websites. He shared with us the story about the previous issues encountered by websites owned by the government. Because of this, the then president Benigno Aquino issued Administrative Order No. 39 requiring all government websites to migrate to the Government Web Hosting Services (GWHS) of the Department of Science and Technology -Information Communications and Technology DOST-ICT which was the designated agency to handle all website matters. 


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Subsequently, the speaker discussed the different Content Management System (CMS) including WordPress. He also taught us the different features of WordPress and how to create a post and other concerns related to the posting of contents.


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Formatting, adding banners, menus, pages, and posts were discussed. Likewise, adding images to the slider which appear on the header of the homepage was also tackled. 

After the comprehensive discussion, the participants were required to create sample posts with image attachments and video embedded in the post as part of the workshop. 

Because the version of the WordPress Platform being used by the provincial offices was already outdated, considering that the last update they had was in 2016, the hosting company provided for the latest version of the platform which is 4.9.5. 

The remaining days were devoted primarily to the polishing of the design and adding necessary functional buttons and links and the speaker shared some tips in creating outstanding websites for the provincial offices. 

The speaker was there the whole time and continuously help the participants resolved several minor issues they encountered while updating the system. the participants learned a lot of things during the training. 


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The time traveled so fast because all of us are busy with our respective websites. Updating a website is a daunting yet an enjoyable task, you won't even notice the passing of time. 

At the end of the 4th day, the speaker already told the Regional Information Technologist that the website updating is almost done. 

On the final thought...


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Maintaining a website is only one of the tons of tasks that we need to handle in the office. Having this training will further our skills in so far as web development is concerned. For me, this is also beneficial because of the certificate that shall be given at the end of the training. 

This training is just a start because I am planning to continue my studies in web development and Information Technology. Being able to use my online skills for my offline work is a great achievement on my part. This skill which I acquired through being active online for several years is something I am truly proud of.  

 Want to learn additional skills? Here is a video which can guide us to learn more skills from the internet.

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