How important is business etiquette for an organization?

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While it may sound childish and juvenile to some, etiquette in a conference room or business meeting is just as important as they are at the dining table. One may just lose a way too important deal or client by a seemingly harmless but inadequate gesture or remark made at the wrong time. Etiquette is inherent to the business world. All successful professionals exhibit ideal business manners no matter how they are in their personal life. In fact, etiquette can easily be the key to successful future of any organization.


What exactly is business etiquette?

Here is a look at 4 of the most important ethics practiced by businessmen from around the world.


  1. Saying "Thank you"

Saying "Thank you" is just as important in the business world as it is in the marketing department. Whether you are performing a transaction, getting your budget approved, answering technical questions or simply exchanging business card, a simple thank you can go a long way in helping establish sounder business relations.


  1. Greeting by name

Business people have to greet each other and meet clients and business associates around the clock. A greeting note should always be polite and it is useful to remember the name of the addressee upon greeting them. It will create a better impression and lets the person know he/she is important to you.


  1. Casual conversations

One important aspect that most business men and professionals may not know is that the elevator is one of the worst places to start a conversation. You are put in a awkward position not knowing when the other person would have to leave and they are "forced" to stand there and listen to you get to the point. Focus on direct contact when addressing someone professionally or casually.


  1. Don’t be judgemental

Whether it is a conference or an office rumor, try to remain as professional and neutral as possible. Being judgemental can hurt your image in many ways.


Why etiquette is important

To sum up a long discussion, here are some reasons why business etiquette is important to a sound professional career:

  1. Everybody likes a well mannered business man/business woman who is easy to converse with. One has more chances of winning over customers with the charm of good business manners.

  2. Business is all about personality and personality is all about etiquette. The more well mannered a business man/business woman is, the more opportunities he/she has in his social circle.

  3. Clients and funding agencies like to work with ethical business organizations instead of unorganized companies. Trained and polite organizational staff can be cooperative and therefore, preferable.





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