How it Feels Like to have a Cat?

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Hello, guys!


It's not that I don't want to write blogs and share my thoughts with you... but... you know... I'm always so busy and running to finish all urgent tasks. Now that I have a short gap in between work/tasks/projects, and moreover - it's Sunday - it's time to share another story with you.

I never shared this here so far, but a little bit more than a year now, I decided to take care of a cat. That has always been a dream of mine since my childhood as I love pets, and especially cats. I wanted to take a small one, just a few months old and watch her grow in my home until it turns into an adult cat.


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So one day, a friend of mine was scrolling on his Facebook account and came across a photo of a cute little grey cat, which was announced to be looking for new owners. And he showed me the photo of that kitten. To be honest, I was not that much impressed because I was still not sure if it was the right time for me to take a cat home. My concern was always the same whenever I thoughts about getting one - I travel a lot, and I didn't want the kitten to lead such a life. Cats don't usually like traveling and that would be stressful for the creature.



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Then I went to a holiday abroad that I also shared about here - my trip to Hungary and Austria. And when I came back a surprise was waiting for me. The cute kitten from the Facebook photo was waiting for me at home! The very first moment I saw her, I was already in love. I can describe how it made me feel to see this small fragile being running around. It was so small that in the first couple of weeks I was afraid I might break her.



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She got used to her new home rather quickly, sleeping next to me, exploring, climbing wherever possible, hiding, meowing. But in general, she was very quiet and calm pet. Before I took her home, I didn't know much about taking care of a cat; I had cats in the past, but at that time I was living in a house and they were not living inside but in the yard. So, it was a bit different to have the kitten inside the apartment. At first, I had some concerns about the food as I didn't want to feed her on cat food. But with time, I realized it's not so bad to give her what she's used to eating.

The most fun part was when she was playing. One of her favorite games was to play with a fluffy toy (a cat named Sylvester). She grabbed him, kicking his body all over, and biting his neck as if he was alive :) She was so funny and a pleasure to watch. Sprinting at home lick crazy or drugged, learning and exploring things around her. I loved having her sleep next to me. And she was so sweet and loving.



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Whenever I have pains, Rima always comes and shows me her love, hugging, kissing, empathizing, warming me up, calming me down. Sometimes I feel she knows everything, understands everything, just like a human. Even when I talk to her it's like she knows what I'm saying. She knows her name and comes when I call her. Well, it was not like that in the beginning, when she was playing games with me, hiding when I call her just to make me angry. But right now, she is my perfect roommate - always trying to make my life easier and more comfortable.


Cats are often valued by humans for companionship and for their ability to hunt vermin.


Now, let's see what are the advantages of having a cat:


1. Unconditional love



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As funny as it may sound, animals, and especially pets, are capable of true and unconditional love. All they need is some food, water, and hugs from time to time. Cats know how the owner feels and if there is a disease, they do anything in their abilities to heal it. Using their own set of healing procedures like purring and heating the spot, it's a matter of time for you to feel better. A cat is not very likely to get mad at you, she will love you no matter what and will be happy to see you always.


2. A true friend



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A cat will play with you, hug you, bite you, test you, make you angry, scratch you - all stuff friends usually do. They are such athletic animals, jumping everywhere, finding the highest possible places in the flat, that sometimes, it's impossible not to smile at that. And it's really what your best friend would do - try to make you happy just to see the smile on your face.


3. Cats help you relieve stress


It's no secret, that cats are capable of improving conditions like anxiety, depression, and similar. They do it naturally, as during their calm periods, they demonstrate surprising calmness, which is transferred to people. Their soft fur and body also contribute to increasing the effect. It always feels nice to cuddle and hug such a small creature.



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4. Cats are clean



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One of the top reasons why people would not take a pet home is their concern that pets will create a mess and they are smelly. Cats love cleanliness. They clean themselves several times a day, licking their body. They have habits to maintain high hygiene and follow it strictly. It's really a pleasure to have such a disciplined pet. I always hear when my cat starts cleaning herself because of the soft and gentle sound she produces. It makes me smile.


5. Cats love to hunt


With such a predator in your home, you don't need to worry about bugs, mice, flies and other small creatures, that might bother you. Cats love to play and hunt them, killing just for pleasure. You can leave that job to your cute pet and enjoy a peaceful co-existence with the cat. Moving objects and creatures attract those animals and they immediately start observing, playing and enjoying having the life of their victim in their paws. :)


6. Cats love to sleep



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And the final advantage in my list is that cats spend most of their day in bed. That automatically makes them easy to take care of as they don't require much of your attention while sleeping. And during the 4-5 hours they are awake it's such an enjoyment to play with them and simply love them. My cat makes all kinds of weird positions during her sleep - stretching, relaxing, curling up, pretending to be dead, etc. It's a lot of fun just to look at her. Can really make my day. 



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And with this, I want to finish my blog. It was a great pleasure to share my thoughts with you, guys. I love cats very much, especially mine, which brings so much joy and happiness in my life every day. For people who have a cat, this would be easy to understand. For me, taking a cat home was like a dream come true.


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Thanks for reading!



- NinaB


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