How Much Gems Have You Spent for Content Submission?

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I have not submitted any new blog of gallery for the past weeks, the last one that I had submitted had been reviewed already and now I am just waiting for something before submitting a new article.

For the past times that I had been submitting my articles and galleries for review, I have been usually charged around 40 to 60 gems per submission. I thought it was alright but then I realized that I should just wait for it to lower down so I can spend few gems only because these gems are really expensive now. I am just thankful that the redemption amount is still the same.

Then again, I am still at 30 gems per article. I will be submitting one as soon as it reaches ten gems. I guess I still need to wait for a few more days before I could finally submit a content. I hope that the reviews won't take long this time because if it will take long then I guess I will be losing buzz scores.

My biggest amount of gem for one submission was 100 gems, that was on February.

How much was the biggest amount of gem you had spent to submit a content?

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