How Pakistanis are turning to bitcoin

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A few years back it was really hard in Pakistan to earn while you were a student. The norm of freelancers was never heard of even as Pakistan is one of the countries in which no proper payment gateway such as Paypal. Bitcoin is paying the way for these people to access international markets and live up the life of freelancer.

Why Bitcoin?
Well the answer is simple, while most people dont know or understand bitcoin, they are using it as this is the only option they have. Bitcoin is a peer to peer system and is often easier to pay especially when the jobs are small. We believe that places like Fiver should now start paying in bitcoin to remove the minimums so people can work more freely. It already accepts bitcoin as a payment but they need to put a system in place where the payouts should be in bitcoin also.

Small scale bloggers or blog owners can now integrate coinurl or aads instead of waiting for approval from giants such as google adsense and start the earning from day 1. I prefer aads as its totally anonymous if you want it to be and pays on impressions also.

Again one of the best ways to get traffic to your sites is aads and coinurl. Aads has great impression and cpc rates while coinurl only works on cpc. Its ideal to use these in a mix setup to get the word out about your products they are much cheaper, are more open minded and best of all cheaper then ads placed on adsense and facebook. Bitlanders is one such platform where you can get cheaper ads posting also so I would recommend going down this path also. The first step is to setup a budget and then take all 3 channels and see which one is best as per your requirements. 

Since I wanted to keep this blog short you can always ask me in comments below if you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter.

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