How People Use the Search Engine and How it Relates to SEO

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Hello everyone!

Did you remember the recent search you made using Google or any other search engines?

Well, here is what I searched - "How to rebook a flight in Cebu Pacific."


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This was after an officemate asked me about the process of rebooking a flight because of the change in the schedule of the training they are about to attend. The schedule of the flight we previously booked has a conflict on the rescheduled event. 

Did you notice that at present time, we often rely on the search engines, particularly in Google, on almost every information that we need?

These pieces of information people search using the different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others, will help us in creating a content that could be read by millions of users.  Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a great deal for individuals who are in the internet business. Deciphering the Google algorithm is a daunting task. Though learning basic of SEO can help us especially that we are into the blogging industry. 


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Like most of us here in Bitlanders, I am also in the learning process. I want to share whatever knowledge I came across through extensive researching of the different terminologies which I encountered as I do my daily online routine. I am determined to learn and acquire more knowledge on Search Engine Optimization. I know that gaining sufficient knowledge and being proficient in this aspect would help us create a more meaningful and successful online experience.

Join me and let us learn how SEO works. You may use the comment section for additional information that you may want to add or if you need any clarification. The content herein is based on my own understanding of the topic. You can correct me if you find something that is inappropriate or you have a better idea. 

What are the Things We Usually Search in Google or other Search Engines?


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What we search depends on what we need for that specific time.

When you are in need of a job and you want to start working online, you probably search for "online work" or "work at home jobs". 

We probably need to buy a new laptop or any gadget and we want to know the best brands and the prices, then we will search for a laptop or look for a brand.  We may want to go for an online shopping.


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We can also search for people, places, institutions or anything related to our travel plans. We might be visiting a new place so we search for the location and how we can go there. We can search for hotel and accommodations prior to our travel schedule. 


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(The Magellan's Cross in Cebu)

We search for information we needed in our research works, designs and other information.  We try to search for some definitions or synonyms of terms we heard for the first time. Have you tried searching your name?

I even remember searching for "how to tie a tie" when I need to assist my son during one of his school events and he needed to wear a necktie.  And you know what, I discovered that it is the fourth most asked questions in Google.

How Often Do We Make a Search?

The figure below shows that 46.8% of the global population accessed the internet in 2017

(Source: Smart Insights)


Image Credits: Smart Insights

People nowadays changed the way they look at the search engines. They think that they can find all the answers in Google, so every time, they are in doubt, they will say, "Google it!"

It is interesting to know that there is 66,802 Google search in 1 second. It means 4,008,120 searches in 1 minute or 240,487,200 searches in 1 hour. That would be more than 5 billion searches in one day! Source: Internet Live Stat

The use of search engines all throughout the world is continuously increasing. With the current increase of individuals owning mobile phones, this had opened a new opportunity for them to use these gadgets for internet-related things like searching.

Our Behavior When We Try to Find the Answer to a Query

Generally, an individual would open a search engine when the need arises, say we want to find out the meaning of a certain word. After creating a phrase to form a query, the individual will enter it into the search engine. People would usually browse the entries on the first page of the list of results. When the solution was found, the researcher will stick on it. However, if the individual was not satisfied with the result, it will return to the search engine and will make some modification to the query. 


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It is important to note that though your content may have appeared on the first page the possibility of having it clicked is high. But if the reader is not satisfied through browsing a certain portion, the tendency is to leave the site without actually reading the whole content. This will cause in having a high bounce rate which may affect our overall blogging experience. We will talk more regarding this topic in our next blog posts.

How Do These Searches Relate to SEO?


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With this amount of daily search, getting at least a small portion of it would mean a huge daily visitors to our site. The more people are spending time on the internet, the higher the chance for the contents to be discovered. 

What we have to do is to learn how to get discovered by using the different strategies in SEO.  Studying how the people use the search engine will definitely help us in crafting a plan. I mentioned in my previous blog post that if we want to be truly successful in blogging, we should write for our readers.  We need to know what they need. Through knowing what the people need, we can create an answer in the form of a blog. 

 As Bloggers, How Can These Pieces of Information Help Us?


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I bet you would agree with me. As bloggers, when we write a blog post, we want our content to be read by a lot of people. We want to be discovered. We want to attract more people to our site and to bring in more traffic. This would give us profit as a reward. 

Knowing what other individuals are searching would be a great help when creating a blog site, finding a "niche" or writing a specific topic for our blog.  It is our guide in knowing what we should write about. If you want to be a successful blogger, you should aim to deliver a solution and one way to give a solution is knowing the problem. 

On the final thought...

Learning how people use the search engine should be one of the basic considerations before we start writing a blog post.  This will help us come up with an appropriate and up-to-date contents that will certainly help our readers. Please refer to this page for the list of most popular search terms in Google. 

Here is another video which will explain to us the future of search. I hope this will help us with our blogging career.

Video Credits: TEDx via YouTube

Thank you for reading. I hope you learn something from this blog post.  Meanwhile, please answer the Querlo chat Survey below...


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