How Stress Can Be Good For You???

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Different types of stress can impact you positively or negatively—that’s right, there is good stress as well as bad stress! Eustress, or ‘good stress’, is what keeps us feeling vital, alive, and excited about the day ahead. While it’s still possible to get too much good stress (see this article for signs of too much excitement in your life), it’s important to get enough of it, and to try to experience some of our stressors as good stress rather than a more negative form of stress. The following are ways to get more good stress into your life.

1-Develop Relationships
Good stress comes from putting yourself out there an forming healthy relationships

2-Set A Goal
Good stress also comes from going after a goal, or following a dream.

3-Gain Knowledge
Not everyone enjoys school, but virtually everyone enjoys learning something new that has meaning to them.

One particularly useful source of good stress is something that positive psychology refers to as gratifications: activities that provide just the right kind of challenge.

Turn a potentially negative stressor into a good stress experience by shifting your perception: try to see your experience as a challenge vs. a threat.

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