How sugar is produced

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Sugar will be factory-made from 2 natural products: sugar cane and sugar beets. concerning seventieth of the world’s two hundred million heaps of sugar comes from sugar cane.
Sugar beets grow in temperate climates of the planet. Sugar is contained the white roots of the beet. These beets square measure mammary gland out of the bottom and dropped at a works, wherever they're washed and cut. later on they're heated to a juicy mixture. because the juice evaporates sugar crystals begin to make. they're separated from the juice and processed any. Raw sugar is brown or yellow. it's with chemicals bleached to create it white. Then sugar is packaged and sold . The sirup that's eventually left over is termed sirup.
Sugar cane is within the stalks of a tall plant that grows within the tropical regions. Brazil, India and China square measure the world’s largest producers of sugar cane. once the stalks square measure ripe they're harvested and crushed in an exceedingly special machine that squeezes out the sugar liquid. the method subsequently is analogous to the method sugar beets square measure processed

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