How the animals and human can swim in the water

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Most of the animals can easily swim into water when they entered fast time into the river. Dog, horses, beer and the buffalo do not swim in the water because they are land animals. But men can not know swimming until he learns how to swim . Some peoples would know to swim taking the classes of swimming.

In those days there are so many institutions of swimming in the modern countries were established. Some of the swimming institutions are also present in Pakistan in the big cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Every body should not know how to swim. It is best to learn when we are in younger age.

A boy or girl can learn much more quickly as compared to the elder person. Many peoples can not swim at all his life.  Even some person, who pass there whole life in the sea, do not know how to swim. We should learn swimming because it is a very good form of exercise and doctor say that it become healthy for the persons who are indulged in different diseases.

Swimming also give the source of the pleasure for the younger generation. Swimming make some times mean all difference between life and death. We never no when we may be in danger when we are in water. We go on a river and the ship is wrecked then due to this the life is in great danger. If somebody walk on along the bank of river and falls into the water.

If  this person can swim then they can save their life but if they do not know how to swim then they lost their life. Swimming is very beneficial thing and someone choose it as a profession. It is also included as a best exercise. In every year the most important part of the Olympic games. Some people choose the profession of swimming as a swimming instructor .

Swimming not only help us to become healthy but also it is the source of saving the life of others. If we can swim, we may be able how to save other people from drowning. I will be able to save another life who can drowning for our eyes but if we do not know how to swim then we are helpless and we can not save the life of others .

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