How The West Indies Victory Is An Eye Opener For India, And Not Just In Terms Of Cricket

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A group of 15 men, out of nowhere, with nothing but a dream to be sure about, came together to emerge victorious over some of the toughest competitors of the format! Isn’t this simply amazing? A team that lost the only match to Afghanistan, which is another small team that displayed true devotion to the game even though a victory wouldn’t mean anything to them at that point (they were already knocked out). This T20 World Cup was sure a thriller but definitely an eye opener. How?

For West Indies, Cricket wasn’t a sport that was given much of the deserved impetus. For India, everything apart from Cricket probably suffers the same. Darren’s speech made everyone emotional, so much that nobody grieved of India’s exit from the tournament but celebrated the WIs Victory as their owns! Similar would happen if this were some Indian kabbadi team or Indian hockey team or maybe Women’s boxing team. Isn’t it? NO!

How many of you even know when Indian women’s team went out of the World Cup? Did you know they lost to Pak? Why wasn’t there that much media coverage for them? Why isn’t there media coverage for something other than Cricket? Are other sportspersons only there to get a troll made on them that asks to share the photograph and takes a dig at the plight of Indian para-Cricket sports?

The WICB isn’t poor. It’s not ultra rich as the BCCI! Granting crores to players is only going to increase satiety in the minds of the ones who can’t afford them. The very essence of sports is equality! I wonder where it hides itself these days!

Yes, BCCI spends humongous amounts in Cricket. Much more than what’s needed. Players are sold for crores in the IPL Auctions. What has become the tale of the town now is play just one IPL match and you’ll earn sufficient money to help you with the rest of your life. Really, is this pomp and show needed? If we’re so bathing rich with money, why not spend it in other sports as well? If not, then at some other work please!

Another thing to be blamed is the under coverage of other sports by the media channels. They have money enough to spend on oldies coming over for a chat show on Cricket before every match but they don’t have time to run the stories of other sports! How will the people know anything about them when they won’t be covered at all? These analyst shows seem to provide the oldies with a source of earning but shouldn’t this be given to those who truly deserve it? And the most agitating part is when out of nowhere, some day they’ll come up with a sentimental news headline pitying on the sportspersons of other sports. Shame!

What needs to be done? The Richie Richs won’t stop. The media will shove this. But at least you can be wise. Raise issues when you see such injustice happening in your whereabouts. The internet is a powerful tool my friend. Bring the injustice to everyone’s notice. This country has a massive hunger for justice. They will see it delivered, for sure. With utmost respect to every other sport, I’d request you to stop making one game the God and every other, an aam aadmi because talent, no matter where it’s from, can’t be kept hidden for long.

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