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 One of the most stressful and awkward situations in a guy’s life is asking a girl out. Now it may not be the equivalent of getting married or having a baby, but you have to start somewhere and that somewhere is getting a “yes”. Then again it doesn’t have to be stressful and I have for some simple tips that are almost foolproof.

First things first, if you did not already know, there is a “window of opportunity” for girls and women meaning the amount of time you have before you get thrown into the ever-dreaded “friendzone”. 

Basically, attraction has an expiration date. The longer it takes for a man to ask a woman out, the less attracted she becomes, which means sexuality flies out the window if the clock keeps ticking. 

What does that mean for you? Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t wait around wondering if she’ll say no, as the great Phil Knight once said, Just Do It. Ask as soon as possible, like right this second! 

But wait! Before you run toward her, stumbling over your feet and knocking her over while screaming “go out with me!”, read these final quick tips.

Next, timing is important. Now that doesn’t mean wait for the perfect moment but that does mean to ask when she is enjoying herself because of you for instance telling you about herself, laughing or any mix of the two.

Don’t wait for that awkward silence at the end of a conversation, ask while she’s laughing by saying something super casual like “yeah, that’s really funny, we should continue this sometime grab a drink one night” or “that’s great, we should grab lunch sometime”. 

Keep it simple and keep it casual, refrain from formal, as formality makes it awkward and although many guys think all women want is to be wined and dined, they don’t. If you want to get to know her or have her get to know you, keep it casual and relaxed. 

And most importantly, be confident you’ll get a “yes”. When you ask a girl out, don’t ASK her out as you leave the option of saying ‘no’. Tell her. Say, “we should” or “let’s grab”, take control. 

So, I hope this helps for anyone wondering how to ask a lady out on a date. If you agree, disagree, or have any additional pointers, feel free to let me know! Enjoy!


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Brooklyn-based Margaret Skowronska is a St. Francis College Communications and Business graduate with an intense curiosity that fuels her drive. She strongly follows the inspirational words of Norman V. Peale, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

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