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Hi! Good day to all of you fellas! I'm here to share some of my insights about in HOW TO BE A PRODCUTIVE PERSON for a brief introduction, for some instances and for some people learning to be a PRODUCTIVE PERSON will need a lot of educational seminar and professional lectures, but its wrong! Yes its wrong and I myself can proved it by giving you some advices in HOW TO BE ONE.

REMEMBER this quote

The Nature of Productivity is nowhere to be find by books, it is in YOU since you was born



STEP 1:  Remember all the things you need to accomplish or the things you want to do, List down it in a piece of paper and later on in your mind

  • This will help you in boosting your PRODUCTIVITY, like when you remember you have something to start immediately it will give your mind the 'guilty feeling' and 'guilty feeling' is a BAD at the same GOOD thing. This only shows that you care and your beginning to have that productive guts of a productive person.
  • Attentive to what to do and to Prioritize,
  • You'll accomplish everything with a positive outcome
  • Time will be used wisely


Imagine a paper with all the things you need to do for the day/week, and by Goals there's a small box waiting for you to check it. Its TEMPTING! Trust me! (Psychological Reaction of a Person)

STEP 2: As much as possible, Learn to execute things one by one at a time

You cannot check a button with the measure of 2 km far from each other right? like you cannot accomplish things at the same time at the same space . Prioritize is a must especially if your aiming for a perfect outcome.

 Working with a bunch of things with a mess up outcome is not consider as PRODUCTIVITY, thus completing things at a time is PRODUCTIVITY

STEP 3: Use your time very wisely and avoid PROCRASTINATION

Do what you must to do, set time and limit for each task. Delay things if it must and some very important matter came up. But remember! never ever delay things this might give a big hole in your project

PROCRASTINATION is the number one hindrance to PRODUCTIVITY

STEP 4: Find an Ideas for your work that will suit up you're personality

No one told you cant have fun while being productive! Work + Fun Ideas = PRODUCTIVE 

  • Listen to musics that you think its best to mixed up to what you doing
  • Have some delicious snack and beverages next to you
  • Browse for inspirational stories
  • Have someone to help you or accompanied you
  • Spiced up your production by traveling and be inspired!

STEP 5: Always be a positive thinker

Whatever you do, whatever it might be, Always thing positive! You might messed up with one of your goals but it will always free and fun to start again o build a new goals right? But this time apply all the things you learned from the past works you did. 

Being a Negative Thinker is a nature to us human but being IT for a long time isn't


 AND LASTLY: REMEMBER! Reward yourself when you accomplished a whole task

 This will give you a relaxing feeling of being a completer in your own way. not everyone can do that! especially if your working in much harder task. 


  You might find situation in your life very complicated or time consuming to do, and then this is where you give up and nonchalantly walk away from those work you started. Well, Its time to be motivated! 

 Being HAPPY in what you DO is the bridge to have an instinct of a PRODUCTIVE person

 OH! I Might give this very last step a shot, BE DETERMINED.

Like me! Did you know that I've accidentally close my blog (while making this) for second time in where I repeat this from top to last, Well My laptop also shut down for the last minute when I'm about to Submit this. Life's like that I think. But I never give up.


 I Hope I've given you some tips and  ideas on HOW TO BE A PRODUCTIVE PERSON.

Leave your opinions and Buzz me guys, Would Appreciate a lot. Thanks :)

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