How to Be Able to Do What You Haven't Done Yet – Step 1: Decide on Doing it (1 of 3)

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We all want to be successful and rich. Some want a house of their own, others want their dream job/career, and the rest want to frequently travel the world etc., but is anyone actually doing anything to realize even our  small dreams or goals? 

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Well, I got news for you: You won’t be able to do anything unless you DECIDE TO ACTUALLY DO IT. Planning and researching can be your first step but you really need to decide to do it (or reach it) before you can do anything you're dreaming of. It’s kinda related to the saying: “Begin with the end in mind.”



♠     How did I realize what I’m telling you?     ♠

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Let me give you some examples on how I did some of what I haven't done before.


I. First example

Less than a decade ago I was afraid to wear contact lenses even if I wanted to wear them and look like those anime characters or cosplayers. Hey I thought it would damage my eyes over time so I could only look at and ask the online sellers about them. Then in 2012 I decided to finally do it. I researched first on what to do with it or how to use it etc., and then I bought my first pair! Hurray! My eyes are still okay after a year of that thank you very much. 


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II. Second example 

One time I was curious about the call center industry but I didn't think to apply because I thought it was a job for people who couldn’t get a decent or normal job. Eventually more and more people I know started working in the industry so finally I decided to apply for a BPO job out of curiosity.

I didn’t do any research on it at first because I thought it would be as easy as applying to jobs in my design profession. Heck I didn't even ask anyone for help in applying so I initially failed several times. I had a hard time with it. 

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After the first few bad interviews and rejections of course I decided to take my application seriously. Eventually I had to ask for help on how to pass the interviews and boy when I finally got in I learned that I was dead wrong about the call center industry. It takes different skill sets to be able to get in and also be a good agent. It's nice that they have trainings because otherwise a lot of people will resign or go AWOL all the time. (For more on this topic maybe I will write another blog, or not. Lol.)

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There you have it. If I hadn’t decided on doing those two things I wouldn’t have done them and would probably only be saying, "How I wish I could use contact lenses," or "I wish that I was working in a call center too," etc. My life would’ve been so boring in the past decade if I hadn’t DECIDED on doing those two things.




♠     How to Decide on Doing Something     ♠

I say, in realizing your dream or goal you also have to know WHAT you really want and WHY you want it, before being able to decide on doing whatever it is.

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You also have to consider your priorities. Which is more important than the rest at this point and in the long run? What are the things you want or have to achieve but haven’t been able to do so yet? Again let's look at two examples:


I. How to Start Dieting / Losing Weight

Let’s say you’re trying to slim down but nothing you do is working. Why?  Well… Do you really want to starve yourself just to be thinner? I don’t think your body would appreciate starving itself. So no, you haven’t really decided on dieting because you always feel hungry or depraved. If you really want to slim down you will decide on eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle instead.

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II. How to Stop Smoking / Drinking / Chronically cheating on or lying to other people 

How about drinking/smoking or the rest of the bad habits? If you want to stop smoking/drinking etc but still want to smoke/drink etc and enjoy doing so, then nothing will happen. Even if everyone tells you to stop it if you haven’t really decided to live a healthy, better or moral lifestyle, how can you stop if you don’t really want to?

It’s the same for people with any other addiction, one can only stop if the person has the will to change and have decided on stopping the habit for the good of everyone. Once you decide to stop, you will be able to do everything in your power to be able to stop doing the bad habit.

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As a previous reader once told me, "You mean, I should stop procrastinating, right?"  Well yes, that is another way of looking at what I'm saying. Once you have decided on doing something then it means you have also stopped procrastinating if you've been hedging on doing it for a long time. :)

Another way to look at it is to start accepting this fact: 

You can't change other people, you can only change yourself.

If you want to change the world, start by deciding to change yourself. It's true! Try it. :)

Lastly, here's another thing to think about. If you're looking for a step by step guide on how to be able to decide on doing something, watch the video from a life coach below. Topic is about "gut/intuition vs. mind" kind of thing.

(Video credit: Marie Forleo via YouTube)



I know this is easier said than done but reading this is already the first step in deciding on doing something you have been planning to do. Here's a tip for you:

Don't wait until you're super ready or prepared to do what you haven't done yet because that will never happen.

Perhaps you're thinking, "Oh I'm still young, I can do that later on."  Well, when you get older and wiser you will say, "I should have done this sooner! I've wasted so much time!" So hey, I'm giving you the advantage right now, start while it's early before you regret it. Time flies so fast the older you get so get a move on, quick! ^_^

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Let me give you a video of Shia LaBeouf to watch for additional inspiration. This is what I watch or listen to when I need some inspiration and motivation.

(Video credit: Envane via YouTube)


All clear? So then, once you’ve figured out your goal or dream, how do you get whatever it is after you’ve finally DECIDED on doing it? That’s in Step 2. ☺ 

This is a 3-Step Series so I will be posting the rest in the coming days.

(Because over the past few years I’ve read all the self-help books I could and more, I’m sharing this with everyone. It’d probably make me richer if I wrote a book or do what Ramit Sethi, Tim Ferriss, Bo Sanchez, or even what Francis Kong is doing but I haven’t decided on that yet. Originally written in July 2013, I’ve edited and added to this for better understanding.
If this doesn’t work for you, you’re free to find something else that will. Remember: Decide to do it first before you just do it!)



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