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hello! friends, I am Anjaniangel most people have to sit for many hours at the workplace. It can affect your health in the long term. In this article I will help to overcome on this risk and keep stay out from stress and keep mentally and physically fit by help of some new technologies, so let’s start humans :)

Posture Guide

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Incorrect posture can worsen your health. If you will be healthy, you better be able to complete your work. Therefore, any health-related aspects should not be ignored.

First, decide that your chair and table surface is at the right height. Your feet should be flat on the ground. Your knees should be bent at 90° angle. Your arms easily turn around and elbow angle should be at 90° angle. Eyes should be around the top of your computer monitor. If the table is not adjustable height then take 3M vertical notebook riser for your laptop.

Computer posture video

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Mobile Apps for your Health

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Exercise at your desk

Most people in the current work culture is passing their time sitting at a desk. However this does not mean that you cannot stay active while working. There are many apps available to help you to do a quick exercise.


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Stretching at your desk you can fairly easily. This exercise is quite quick. Simarim's 1 minute desk workout app for iOS, you can use it. This app has 45 exercises, which holds active on your desk. This app gives you a reminder every hour of exercise. Android users could use stretching and eye exercise free app of TM productions.

Some stretching exercise while in office

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Practicing yoga

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Office YogaMD is the lite version of iOS, which suggest you more than 20 yoga poses with audio description. You can schedule reminders to practice yoga on the specific interval. For Android users different daily office yoga software available that keep you fit, relieve the stress and help you to focus on tasks.

Take break

According to experts, we should take breaks during work at the workplace. After the break, the energetic can be done his work with more focus. Inbuilt apps of our phone like alarm clock or countdown timer can set reminders for take brake. Free alarm clock reminder app for Android and for iOS alarmed app gives you the option to set multiple alarms.

Relaxing to the eyes

Nowadays everyone in the office most of the time passes in front of the display. In this condition you will face stress of eyes. To reduce the effects you can reduce the display's brightness. You can also use the app, which works like a blue light filter. Screen’s blue lights can be strain of your eyes. It also may lead to Insomnia and headache. Android users can use the free App Blue light filter.

Useful Tools for Computers

Flux app essentials

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It is important app for all computer users. It is completely free. In your area according to the daylight it adjusts computer screen color temperature automatically. It is reduce your eye stress. You can choose special Color Effect (Dark Room, Movie mode). Its built-in screen analyzer shows you that what kind of is light all around you. This program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download this app from Justgetflux.

Web browser Timers

Each office is not permitted to install software on the computer. So, you can use the web browser-based timer. You can either take Protectyourvision for work. This is a flash website which reminds you to take a break from the computer. This site alerts you to take a break for about 20 seconds in every 20 minutes to. While working it also suggests us for eye exercises to relieve eye strain. If any of you do not want to constantly open a browser tabs then you can use browser extension. Chrome users can take EyeCare extensions and for Firefox users can use Take A Break addon.

Important accessories for you

Treadmill Desk

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If you prefer work to standing instead of sitting, why not choose to exercise option. Lifespan Treadmill Desk is very useful for you. Its price is more precious but it can help you to save your many precious years of life. It has exists every feature of typical treadmill. Its price is approx $2,000.

Gym Ball

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You can replace the boring chair with funny Gym Ball. The ball usually appears in the gym. Everyone accepts the fact of sitting in one place for a long time is not right for health. You will have to sit in the office for work, but also you can look around at other options. If standing desk is not an option, then at least you can use the gym ball.

The Standing Desk

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Research tells that work on the workplace having work stand is beneficial rather than work sit for health. It's not necessary, you stand the whole day. Usually 8 hours of working hours we have passed 6 hours on chair. Sitting long enough can lead to many diseases in the body. Fatigue can be caused by prolonged standing. To overcome this problem, you could use the relaxing mats. These mats contents cushioning and anti-slip properties.

Pulse Oximeter

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It is a small battery powered Gizmo. It can be clip on your finger and in some seconds it start show your pulse rate and blood oxygen level. You can find your heart rate during rest and exercise. It gives indication of your fitness levels. It's red and infrared light will help you to determine how much oxygen is present in your blood.


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All chairs are not the same. At workplace you cannot choose a own luxury chair, but you can choose backjoy. It is a simple and effective modeled piece of plastic. You can set it in your chair and have sat. Its size takes the core muscles to help you better sit. Its price starts at about $ 3.

That's all my friends. I am finishing my article here. you can find out more gadgets, tools and apps on internet for making your life easy and so relax. Also you can read my another blogs which can help you on different situations.

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