How To Be Successful???

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Friends there are two types of people in the world, winners and the losers. Both of these could be similar to each other physically and some are similar to one another mentally also. The only difference between both of them is a very little but a very big. Winners may be un-educated or illiterate but the keep on doing for their aims and losers could be educated and intelligent but they keep on wasting their time and resources. There are a lot of differences between winners and losers but my aim is to write about how to be successful.

What is Success?

Success is defined as the accomplishment, achievement and good results of an aim, purpose and working of a person for particular things or in simple words Success could be the sum of small efforts you do repeatedly every day.

Success could be anything like to become a topper in the college, to create a welfare organization, to become a honor of an industry, to become a topper in the leader-board and many more according to the conditions.

Success is not a very difficult task for anyone. Everybody could become successful. The basic and very essential ingredient needed for success is the trust, believe and faith only in yourself which makes your confidence. If you are facing problems regarding self confidence CLICK HERE. The entire building of success stands upon this main ingredient. After it what should be needed for success is following:

Goal setting

This is the first step on the way to success. Success is directly proportional to goals.

Set a goal according to your thoughts and needs. The goal which you suits the most and which you interest in. A  goal without your interest is nothing but a ladder to troubles. Find that what type of goals you like the most and how it will benefit you. Goals should be specific, achievable, positive and realistic e.g, to become  a doctor, engineer, scientist, top ranked athlete or a motivational trainer.How to set goals

Consistent actions

Consistency is the key to success and it relates to your contineous actions. Your actions show how much you are serious and sincere to your goals and success.

If you are educated and intelligent but you do not take proper actions to achieve your goals then your education or intelligence worths  very low. If you dream big, plan big and prepare good but takes no action then your success becomes a dream only and nothing else. If you take late actions then your goals and success runs away from you. Action attracts goals and success towards you. Actions should be regular and continuous on daily basis. Just manage your time and set a time to take those actions every day. Do not compromise to that time in any case except very serious one.


Evaluation of actions

Set an evaluation session of your progress with an interval of two to three days only.Analyze and write what have you done in the recent days, what is the progress of  those actions and how have you completed that.

Make a conclusion of this analysis and there could be some mistakes or troubles. Identify them because these are the clues and instructions (free of cost) to tell you how much you should improve your efforts. If results are better then appreciate yourself  and carry on your working. With the passage of time add advanced and new ideas in the ingredients or list of  your working.


Take risks

Risk taking is a very important quality of successful people because risk taking open doors of many opportunities. Out of them a single one could be the key to success.

If you are not able to take risks, doesn’t matter just believe yourself and give a boost to your confidence then take a very small risk (risks having low intensity of loss) when you feel it is the time to take risk. Take small risks in the beginning and this will prepare you to take bigger risks with the passage of time.How to take risks

Learn constantly

Mistakes have a bucket of lessons itself.  Consider your mistakes as lessons not failure. Isolate these lessons and patch up these with your experience.Overall, focus on this aggregate of lessons taken from mistakes and your entire experience. Here comes a pure cream for learning. Learn from these constantly. Make different choices  and then avail the better ones first. This constant learning will help you to stand firm on your track.

Take responsibility

Be responsible and take the responsibility for all those things which are under your control. All those things which are related to your goals and targets, control them by yourself because you the person having better experience and information. You may take responsibility of other things that you can control better than others.

A responsible person do not make excuses and complains because he has the ideas and strategies to solve those complains by positive actions. Do not blame others and ask for pity yourself as victims. But just make efforts which will solve troubles automatically. Make well known decisions and keep moving forward to your destination.

Never give up

It is one of the very vital and main steps of journey towards success. Most of the time when a person quits he don’t know how close he was to the success.

There will come a lot of troubles to your way. Face all of these ups and downs and fears then you will become more powerful than before and you will feel more positive energy, passion and excitement to achieve your success..All the challenges, setbacks and opposition will be weaken by if you face them and make strategies against them which is the only way to defeat them and get closer to your dreams. Ignore all of those negative talks about you from any one and prove them wrong only by your positive actions.


Take sufficient rest

Any time when you feel stress then take proper rest. Take sufficient sleep and then get up early in the morning. Take proper exercise and meditation sessions. Recharge and renew yourself by healthy diet plans and by closing all those things which are responsible for your lowering your energy and make you feel stressed e.g, electronics. If you will actually take time for your best then you will be more effective creative and able to produce excellent results. If you will concentrate you can find your way.

Make preferences

Another thing you have to set in the beginning is the selection of the real and good according to making preferences.

Build strong relationships with people whom you feel are likeminded, full of positivity and those which supportive to each others. The very precious thing you have is your time so spend most of the time only with those people who encourage you. There are many people in the world working for the improvement and welfare of others. Contribute by yourself with them voluntarily and make relations with them. You challenge yourself own to be better and groom in the time frame of known duration. Have fun and always look after you and your team.


Remember always! If you want to be successful:

1. Take actions today not tomorrow.

2. Ignore others and keep doing.

3. Never give up in any situation.



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Stay blessed all the time!


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