How to become a professional footballer

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How to become a professional footballer.
If are you thinking to become a professional footballer (soccer) player. You should read this it's really important step that will take to your destination.

My dream come true when i got to watch Chelsea live at Stamford bridge. I was really inspire when i was watching live football at that time i was 16 years old. I really wanted to play football that this pitch.

If you want to become a professional footballer or want to get fame then stick to play for fun. You must to have some sort of drive and passion where playing at the top level.

Do take interest while playing football always motivite your self when your playing it will give you strength.

If you wanted to become a professional player in today market you have to be committed.


Don't worry about to play with a team early on. Try to get play with your friends or parents as much possible at the young age.

If you have exceptional footballing talent, and the discipline to work hard to improve your performance level, being a footballer could be ideal for you.

If you want to play as professional or semi professional league, it depend on your on the level which you want to play.


If you want to become a professional footballer or competitive person it need hard work to settle in the team.

Most footballers they become professional

They start football at the age of nine or tenth years old. At this age the played in school and also they join academy or playing in school team.



Training smart is very important, if not important starting training hard. Train in team and get training from your coach.


belief + hard work (and smart work) + persistence = success.

Your day-to-day activities would vary depending on the level of your team, but at all levels you would.


Play matches against other league it will help Alot to prove in ur career.


Always go for regular transient sessions which will really help to improve ur skills and other fitness.


Watch video matches it will motivate you and give you strength.


Try to start work with professionals such as

physiotherapists coach or team manger.


As as top player you have to give interviews on media and paid you to promote product on media or do an advertisement.


And also take a part in social community and welfare or local community and attending a children charity.


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