How to become smarter? 9 things to do on a daily base

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Here are 9 best ways to become smarter in a daily base: 

1-    Drink Water in the morning

Every morning it’s necessary to drink 2 big glasses of water to make filtration process in your body. It has been proved that drinking water increases your ability to complete mental task.

 2- Read a book summary

Reading summary of a book while eating your breakfast enhances your intelligence.

3- Drink green tea at work

Green tea makes you relaxed and focus on your work, while coffee makes you anxiety.

4- No sugar during the day

Try not to take sugar when you need to focus on your work. Sugar is not good for brain functionality.

5- Play games

Instead of watching movies, try to play games. You just get information while watching tv and your brain doesn’t do any processing. Playing game increases your brain activity.

6. Argue with people who aren’t agree with you

Have a friendly conversation with people who aren’t agree with you on a topic. In this case, you can analyze the others points of view and their reasons. Besides you can sharpen your arguments.

7. Learn programming

Learning programming is a best thing to increase your brain functionality and think logically.

8. Take a walk in a park

Walking in nature will make your mind calm down and get more oxygen. It will help you to work better for the rest of the day.

9. Make plans for future

Making your tomorrow plan one day before, will make you work productively.


What are other ways to become smarter? Share with us your experiences in the comments!

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