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~How to Successfully Maintain a Youtube Channel~

  1. POST CONSISTENTLY- I know, everyone tells you the same thing OVER and OVER, BUT ITS TRUE! The key to this is that your viewers will see that you are determined to give whatever content they come searching for. Someone that isn't consistent won't have viewers that come back because of the fact that you aren't providing content. Which then leads me to the next topic...
  2. PICK A STYLE- This next point has a very broad spectrum of possibilities. It can mean your type of content you want to provide, it could also mean the type of editing style you have. Whatever it is, it has to have a pattern, viewers aren't going to appreciate a slopy channel that is massively confusing! Pick a style and stick with it, but if you want to upgrade or change it, do it with a warning!!
  3. EDIT YOUR CONTENT- Editing is a major part of youtube careers whether you do it your self or you have your own editor. If you have a lazy uncut video, people aren't going to watch it. People now want quick, straight to the point subjects.
  4. TAKE SUGGESTIONS- If you're not finding any success in the type of content that you're posting, take suggestions from your viewers! They know what they want! If you don't like the suggestions their giving because it's not what your channel is based around, try something new. If you don't like it you can always stop!
  5. FINALLY, TAKE YOUR TIME- Becoming successful on YouTube won't happen overnight. It takes time to grow and adjust to this new style. A lot of people just want to try to become famous by posting a video, but it won't work like that. You have to take your time and do it for the right reasons.



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