How To Build Self-confidence

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Friends living in this world is not very easy for anyone. Everyone has to live his life which depends upon many stages taking place gradually. There are many persons who are very satisfy with their lives on account of  living according to their wishes but there are many more who have been fed up completely with the life. They complaint that nothing is going well to them. They have many problems out of which a very serious one is low self confidence. So today I want to write about the ways to build or increase self confidence

What is self confidence?

According to me Self confidence is a feeling and concept  of your own trust in your ability, quality and strength. Trust in your ability shows you that you are capable of  doing what you want, trust in your quality shows you that you are able to perform a quality task and trust in your strength shows you that you are enough to face the challenges of life.

After reaching the sense and ability of identifying the purpose of your life  each and every stage of life has its own challenges. All of them depend upon your self confidence. A decline in self confidence sows an initiating seed of difficulties which yields many problems  in upcoming future. Self confidence is not an illness which is un-curable but it is a psychological condition of being away from your natural game (life). Self confidence is not a thing which you can increase immediately in any situation but do not worry self confidence could be improved (and increased by following steps mentioned below) in many days, some weeks or a couple of months and after that what type of an unbelievable person you will be, you cannot imagine. This video explains about the skill of self confidence.



Get to know yourself

Let’s start a very interesting journey towards your improvement for which you have to find yourself from the inside.

Your actual existence is inside you which goes faint by a lack of self confidence. Actually  you are full of confidence from inside but your external environment does not allow you to show your confidence. Begin acting very positively saying that I have to be positive every time. When you will do this then your internal and external environment will begun to change automatically. You will also face some negative thoughts against your mission then just try to kill them by doing something else e.g, playing, watching your favorite tv show or anything which makes you comfortable. By taking these small initiatives this will help you to  photo-shop a very positive image of yourself  which will be very different from your past image.

Take exercise and dress nicely

Come on get up early in the morning a take some physical exercise which will help you to be active and fresh the entire day. Spend a few minutes for meditation session e.g, five minute, then ten minutes next day and increase a little time everyday. (Mind meditation )  Everytime when you begin your  day for other activities, dress up yourself in a very nice and attraction-able getup.

Maintain your cleanliness by combing your hair, brush your teeth and put polished and clean shoes. Be positive an say this is my day to improve myself then this positive thought will change your day step by step. You can room yourself by learning driving, basic dance moves and by learning your interests.


Make your principles 

Today you have to make some principles upon which your life will depend and these will be basic pillars for your improvement.

Always remember a routine upon principles make you to done the assigned tasks and a routine without principles lead to failure and makes yourself un-healthy. Principles include time managing, your preferences,  changing a small habit (smoking, drinking alcohol or any other illegal or bad habit), to do list and many more according to your life. When you meet any one pass a smile and shake hand in a very cool manner to show very early that nice to meet you and remember do not point out others but compliment others .

Speak up in group

I have noticed that many people keep them on silent mode while sitting in a group because of nothing to talk. It is not a serious problem but it is a serious issue when keep yourself silent because it imposes more stress upon you. You have to just talk according to the situation and carry on chit chat with others. It will give you a good chance to boost up your confidence.

Always contribute in any activity in a group, social meeting, school, college and everywhere in crowd. You can show your opinion and do not worry that it is wrong or right. Your opinion is of great value.


Empower yourself with knowledge

What is the difference among  all of us? There is no huge difference among all of us and between a successful and unsuccessful person. The  difference among all of us is the awareness level and nothing else. The awareness level of some people is low, some have good and some have very high.

Make a habit of reading books, newspaper, google interesting facts, listen radio , watch talkshows, analyze your environment and surroundings especially nature  and stay in touch with current affairs all over the globe. The more you read, listen, watch and analyze then it is guaranteed that the more you will be aware, learn, successful and talkative. Remember that knowledge is a key to empower you. Motivate yourself with different ways. If you say I can do it , I will do it, it will also motivate you so much by your own means.How to motivate yourself


Do something you have been procrastinating on

Lack of confidence always pushes a person to work slow and work less, then he left that work for the next day.  He continuous procrastinating work to the next day saying I will do it or start it tomorrow but that tomorrow never comes. Everyday the burden gets more and more then it creates a state of stress and anxiety which apparently lows down the confidence level to a point when he says I cannot do this.


You can get out of this difficult state very easily.Do  something you have been procrastinating on and set a small goal and achieve it. After that do something which entertains you. By accomplishing these you will feel more relax and passionate. Make a timetable and do your work everyday. When you will do today’s work today then automatically it will give you a psychological benefit and it will also prepares you for the next day’s tasks. Don’t afraid of huge tasks and work on small things first. Remember!  a river or an ocean comes into being drop by drop not at once.


Face your fear

The best way to get rid of any kind of fear is to simply face it.

Prepare yourself before any task, any goal, any situation and any fear otherwise it will be impossible to handle the situation without preparation. Stand tall in front of any unpleasant situation and control your body language and nerves  and speak slowly with different gesture , expressions and a cool smile then it will automatically boost up your confidence.

List of failure

It is one of the most important step among all. Failure is a vital part of life. There is no one who succeded without any failure. Failure just wants to know how strong, passionate and hardworker you are because failure comes to tell you that there is something missing or deficient.  Failure is kind of  blessing to a lot of blessings.

Create a list of your failures , then find the reasons of those failures and then just focus on solutions. This will give you a very good and joyous kick to increase self confidence.


Always remember!

Awareness is a ladder to increase self confidence

Confidence and success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences

Failure and fear of being wrong will not kill you…



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