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I have been thinking and wondering since the time that I had registered with bitLanders as to how we can figure out which composes our buzz scores. Of course we all know that there are two types of buzz points, the base and the direct power ups and I know we can't do anything about base buzz since bitLanders has its own way of calculating that score but for the direct power ups, I had been looking for ways in order for me to find out which composes it.

This past few days, I had figured out a way for me to track it though and I suppose anyone can do the same.

Here's the situation, any direct power up buzz you are seeing on your profile should come from somewhere. By the way, direct power ups, unlike the base buzz expires, some may stay for a few day, weeks or months. Here are the list of ways on how to earn direct power ups.

- Daily Log in
It increases in a daily basis but stops once it reaches seven but then if you miss to log in, it resets back to one. So always make sure you can log in everyday.
- Content Reviews
In exchange to some gems, Miss Hillary can review your photo gallery, blogs and videos and you'll be provided with buzz points for five days.
- Shopping
Shopping provides buzz scores which may last for five or seven days. Seven days for charity donations, five for some avatar items and sometimes, avatar items may also extend to months depending on the promotion provided by the site.
- Subscribers
Every unique subscriber gives one buzz point which lasts for only a day. You'll get max of ten points per day.
- Treasure buzzes
There are treasure buzzes which are hidden in some promoted articles, finding it depends on your luck or if some bitlanders users may be able to find it, they might share it as well.

For the computation, you just have to add them up, daily log plus the shopping points, charity notifications are sent via email to so it is easy to monitor it, avatar and the rest are added immediately so just make sure to take note of it, subscribers show up on your notifications, you have to check your subscribers notifications so not to miss it and of course you'll know on your screen if a hidden treasure buzz is found or if you receive a review.

That should be it.

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